Windows Phone Bingo

In the heated competition between Android and iPhones the Windows phone is often forgotten about, but these phones can be just as suitable for bingo as their competition. Windows phones can suit lots of budgets and can be less or more powerful, depending on how much you’d like to spend. When playing Windows phone bingo the specifications of your device won’t make too much difference, especially if you’re playing a browser based game.

Top Windows phone bingo sites

If you have a Windows phone and are ready to dive into the world of mobile games then the following sites will help you get started.

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How does Windows phone bingo compare to iPhone and Android bingo?

The Windows phone is distinctly different from its counterparts from other manufacturers and it has a different choice of bingo apps for windows phones.

These phones have their very own app store that’s different to both the Google Play and iTunes store. The software on this store may not be available on others and this includes your favourite apps from bingo brands.

It differs from the iPhone because more manufacturers make the phone, giving customers a larger range of choice. This is like the Android operating system, which exists over many devices, but the Windows phone doesn’t have quite as vast a selection. This still offers more flexibility than the iPhone brand however, as they are only made by Apple to set specifications.

As a whole Windows phones have high specifications when it comes to screens and processing power. This means that bingo for windows phone can run smoothly and look great doing so.

What’s the difference between browser based apps and downloadable apps?

When you’re looking to play Windows mobile bingo you have a few different options of how you’d like to do so. The biggest choice is if you’d like to use a browser based service or an app that you download. A browser based site will let you instantly access games without downloading but can take a little longer to load each game as the files are not stored on your phone.

It’s also a bit simpler to use a browser site if you’re not accustomed to downloading apps as all you need to do is go to the usual site via your mobile device’s browser. It also keeps your device running faster as you don’t have apps taking up valuable space and memory.

Downloading an app takes a few minutes initially but this can save you time in the long run and you can even stay logged in to cut down even more time. It also makes it more convenient to access since you don’t need to type in a site’s URL, you just tap the shortcut for the app and bingo.

Either of these options are equally valid when you play online and it just depends on which way you prefer to play. If you’re planning on playing a lot then go for an app but if you just want to get online quickly a browser service may be better for you.

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