When Bingo Met Sports

The Bingosweets crew is so batty over our bingo that we actually think up ways to add extra kick to it. Our latest hybrid idea is this: mix together popular land-based sports with bingo games! . . . What’s that? — you think we’re really nutty? (Well, it’s no news flash that we’re crazy about bingo around here.)

Not sure what we’re talking about yet? Okay, for instance, there is such a thing as chess-boxing, in which the two boxers alternate rounds of fighting with making moves on their chess-board game.

You can see that the point of this is to mash-up the physically-demanding boxing match with the mentally-demanding chess game. Now, we’re going to check out ways to combine sports and bingo, so read on!

Five Possible Sports-Bingo Hybrids

The main idea of crossing bingo with a sport puts bingo into the role of a mental challenge, in contrast to the physical sport. But the main trick of doing this would be melding the two games. Here are our suggestions.

Football with More Balls

Let’s allow the game of football stay as it is. But why not add a bunch of bingo balls to the one lonely football ball! So we’re talking about normal football rules: two teams face off on a standard sized field.

The new football rule will be that on the side-lines, each team will have an assigned player (maybe individuals who are side-lined for injuries or for other reasons), and that player’s responsibility is to play a bingo card for the team.

Whenever there is a foul or penalty in favour of one team, then its bingo captain will get an opportunity to have the bingo balls spun to advance the team’s card. The severity of penalties and flags correspond to how many numbers of bingo the team can progress.

With this happening on both sides of the field, whenever one team calls out ‘BINGO!’ they get an automatic free goal kick with the best advantage possible. Can you imagine all those pretty-boy star players tolerating the bingo side game stealing their thunder?

Basketball Bingo

In this hybrid the basketball-court markings and zones (including the hoops!) are superimposed onto special bingo cards. Did you know that there already are many weird bingo cards like this, which can be found online and printed?

Whenever there is a normal pause in the basketball game’s play (such as out of bounds, fouls, scoring, and so on), a special official spins the bingo balls. The clock is stopped, while each team’s assigned bingo star daubs the card formed in the image of a miniature basketball court.

If either team hits a spot on their card that matches a fortunate event on the real court, like the basket or a free throw line, then that exact benefit is won for the team. The pace of alternating basketball action and bingo spins is kept fast. If either team scores a B-I-N-G-O then it gets 3 points and a free throw worth another 3 points!

What is more, the spectators in the stadium each can play their own bingo cards using a special bingo app on their mobiles. Whenever their favourite team pauses to score their team cards (which are shown on the big screens inside the hall, of course) the crowd plays their own individual cards. — Still think we’re crazy?

Golf with Bingo Handicaps

Well, this may be the simplest sport of all to mix up with bingo (or so we think!). Anyway, a simple hybrid with bingo is just in keeping with golf’s elegant simplicity as a game. That simplicity is at the root of both games, after all. In this case, the role of bingo will not be what you’d expect:

Our bingo + golf hybrid will have golfers playing a fast-paced bingo card when they are not taking shots. The idea is that they will not be able to concentrate on their golf game as usual, since shot penalties will result from failing to keep up with the bingo card. This dilemma will force them to play a more natural, less strategic golf game.

Golf is a highly focused affair, requiring precise coordination rather than mostly athletic and muscular prowess. There is also strategy, since golfers use time between shots and after drives to think about their odds, other players, and so on, in order to rally their strengths and confidence.

The added bingo will disrupt normal golf, but winning bingo cards will earn golfers one extra shot off the scorecard! (No, we don’t really think that this will become very popular!)

Tennis & Intense Bingo

As you probably know, the intensity of tennis is extraordinary. Part of its thrill to watch is the combination of a small court with very hard racquets and high ball speeds. Bingo can be intense, too, right?

Also the two personalities of the tennis players are under close examination by the spectators, along with precise refereeing of their points and shots. How can that be mixed with bingo’s intensity as people eagerly anticipate numbers that they need to daub?

Well, naturally the players should sit down for one bingo card session in between court-side switches. During this time they will have to take their breather, and yet remain mentally focused — this will make their normal tennis gameplay slightly more challenging because there will be less planning and tactics.

Whichever player hits BINGO can choose to serve the next game or not, and that player gets a one-point advantage. Imagine that! Or, don’t — it is pretty silly, isn’t it?

Bingo and Horse Racing

Both online and by the track, players can have a go of horse racing bingo. This hybrid has shown to be a great way to keep spectators amused as the horses are lined up between races. They usually take place using a 75 ball bingo card, with 24 free spaces.

Each of the free spaces on the card will have a possible outcome of a race, like photo finish or the names of horses with predictions of their place. As the race day goes on, spectators can dab off each outcome as it happens and even win themselves an additional prize.

When playing on bingo sites online, you may find a form of this game too. These are usually mini games, which add to the main game. Virtual horses will race and players can pick the winners for an extra bingo jackpot. There’s no need to get down to the track for this one!

Horse racing is one of the UK’s most popular sports and it’s no wonder that those that love a flutter on the ponies enjoy a cheeky gamble on a bingo game too. This certainly seems like a match made in heaven for these players.

Bingo or Bust

The main idea of this article is not so far out, people! We can say that since around the world there has been delight for using Bingo in new hybrid games — even for just mentioning it in films and TV. The steady march of new bingo sites proves the game’s solid popularity.

We’ve noticed that our current-day entertainment wizardry has been mixing up all sorts of new and old hobbies, including our sports, and of course bingo. We wish one day to see something similar to our sketches above in real life. Yes, we’ll give you the heads-up we know you’re waiting for eagerly!