Ukash Bingo Sites

BEFORE YOU GO ON: Please note that Ukash has been replaced by Paysafecard – another safe solution for your online payments! Get more info on Paysafecard bingos here (or read more on this page).

Ukash was a system by which you deposit money and pay for your items using a voucher with a unique nineteen digit code on it. The amounts that you can place can range anywhere from £5 to £500. All you have to do is deposit the money using the Ukash system and you’ll instantly have all your money on one voucher. However, as some readers may be aware, Ukash has recently been taken over by Skrill, have have decided to phase out the service in favour of PaySafeCard.

Differences between PaySafeCard and Ukash

In terms of how they actually work, there are lots of similarities between Ukash and PaySafeCard. In both cases, you top up a card or a voucher with cash, and then pay for services online using a code. However, you can’t top up as much on PaySafeCard – the limit is £100. On the plus side, PaySafeCard is available to buy in a much wider range of stores. Plush, they offer 24/7 advice via their helpline, in addition to a helpful app which you can download onto your phone with all the information you need on how to use the card.

Bingo Sites that Accept Paysafecard

No matter where you go on the internet to game it seems that there are countless Ukash Bingo sites just begging for your money, but what ones are the best ones to use, that now accept Paysafecard?

Well we created a small list of what we think are some of the best Bingo sites that accept Ukash vouchers (in other words, bingo sites that accept PaySafeCard), as well as providing you with a great gaming experience.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Lucky Touch is a brilliant Ukash Bingo website; it has a lovely 1150% Welcome Bonus, as well as a £10 free bingo no deposit bonus.

This is broken up into a 500% bonus on your first deposit of £10 or more into your account, 350% on your second account deposit before finally culminating in a 300% on your third deposit. [Full Review]

Glossy Bingo:

Glossy Bingo has an incredibly generous Welcome Bonus of 250% on your first deposit. So deposit at least £10 and you’ll receive £25 on top of that, netting you a tasty £35 to play around with. [Full Review]

Bright Bingo:

Bright Bingo have an interesting bonus whereby depositing £5 will net you£25 to use on one of their great games, it’s not as extensive as the other websites but it’s still a nice welcome gift from this great website. [Full Review]

Bingo Hollywood:

Bingo Hollywood has a rather helpful 500% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit that really puts that bit of extra mileage into your money.

So deposit the minimum of £5 into your account, Bingo Hollywood would give you an extra £25 on top of that, landing you £30 to play around with on any game you liked. [Full Review]


Overall Ukash was a fairly reliable and safe form of making payments, and surely it will be missed. However, rest assured that PaySafeCard can definitely carry out the job just as well.

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