The Complete Guide to Online Slots

Slot games are becoming ever more popular and there are many bingo players that can’t wait to get involved with playing them. We’re providing a complete guide to these games, as well as a list of the best online slots!

What Online Slots Bonuses Can I Get?

To make these games worth your while, many bingo sites UK offer bonuses when you play online slots. Below, we’ve covered some of the most common bonuses that you’ll get from a site and within a game.

Free Spins

These are really common bonuses to get your hands on, as they’re tailor made for playing on these games. There are a couple of ways that you can get them, either from a site or by unlocking them in a game.

The best slot sites will usually give you some free spins as part of a welcome or no deposit bonus. There are terms and conditions that go along with these, like which games you can play them on or how much a spin is worth – even how much you are able to win. This significantly alters the value of the bonus, so you’ll want to take a look into these.

Many modern slots also have the capacity to give you free spins as an in game bonus. These will generally be unlocked by gathering up three scatter symbols, which give you a set number of spins to play with. As this is an in game feature, you can’t come back to these later or use them on another game.

No Deposit Bonuses

If you’re given a bonus by bingo sites with slots then you may be able to use this on both slots and bingo. This means that you can take your no deposit slots bonus into the slots lobby and pick the games you want to play, giving a bit more flexibility than free spins. The T&Cs of the bonus will tell you what games you can play on but usually progressive jackpot games are excluded.

Cashback on Slots

This is a popular offer for loyal players, as you can earn a percentage of all your wagers on slots back. Usually, the more you wager the higher the percentage is, so it acts as an incentive to play a bit more. Some sites offer cashback on all wagers and others specify they must be losing ones.

Deposit/Reload Offers

These are offers that you pay into a site to get and they will be based on the amount that you have deposited. They may be specified for use on slots, bingo or you may even have a choice of which you would prefer to have.

Slots Glossary

Now that you know all about online slots bonuses, it’s time to learn a bit more about the games themselves. The following glossary covers the terms that you may encounter when you do and what they mean:

Autoplay – A function in many games that allows you to set the reels to spin themselves for a set number of games.

Bonus Round – This is an additional feature above and beyond what you would find in a basic game. A bonus round can be triggered by certain symbols or at random to transport you into another area of the game, where you experience different gameplay.

Coin Size – Some games let users decide how many coins they want to wager on the game and the value of the coins. This is one aspect that is used to change your bet.

Fruit Machine – A more traditional slot game with fruit style symbols and three reels.

Multiplier – Slot games pay out by applying a multiplier to your bet, this means that they multiply your wager a set amount of times. Every symbol will have different multipliers, making some more valuable than others.

Paylines – The lines that you must match symbols on to win a jackpot, these may be fixed or allow you to adjust them.

Paytable – An informational area within the game that you can look at all the symbols and their worth.

Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot that is generated by taking a percentage of every player wager and adding it to the jackpot amount.

Reels – The vertical group of symbols that spin within the game.

Rows – The horizontal lines of symbols that stretch from left to right.

RTP – A statistic that refers to the average number of times out of 100 that you can hope to win on the game.

Scatter Symbol – A symbol that pays out from any position and is not bound by the paylines, these usually serve as a bonus symbol too.

Stacked Symbols – When symbols appear in groups on reels, making it more feasible for players to win.

Wild Symbol – A symbol that can substitute in for other ones to create winning or higher value combinations, though bonus symbols are usually unaffected by this.

Win Both Ways – Traditional games have paylines that run from the left to the right but modern ones may let you win right to left too.

This may make slot games seem intense but once you get playing, you’ll have no trouble recognising your RTP from your paytable.


Many bingo players love slot games because they offer you extra chances to win and sometimes bigger jackpots than your average bingo game. They’re simplistic too, so you don’t have to be an expert to give one of these games a whirl and test them for yourself.

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