S7 Edge: Optimized for Gaming

As smartphones become more and more integrated into our lives, our demand to be able to use our phones for a wider variety of activities, such as playing games, has grown. Now like never before we are able to do that, but with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile gaming has been taken to the next level.

In this Samsung Galaxy S7 review, we will look at why many have described these new phones as “fully fledged gaming machines”. We will also explore the optimised hardware, Vulkan API and new GamePads. We will also look closer at the new Game Launcher app which will help to maximise your gaming experience on your smartphone.

Improved Performance

If we looked at the Samsung S6 and Samsung S7 purely at a design level, there would be very little difference – although that’s not a bad thing as the S6 was a fabulous looking phone. However, if we look at performance we get a much more obvious variation:

  • CPU speed 30% faster
  • GPU speed 60% faster

These speed improvements with the 4GB of RAM gives the S7 and S7 Edge far greater power needed to play the most intense mobile games, which is sure to satisfy gamers everywhere. The phones also have a new thin thermal spreader cooling system, that will keep the phone cool, while performing at the fastest of levels.

The results of these changes are much cleaner smoother graphics. The new Galaxy phones also have larger batteries than previous Galaxy creations, which will increase playing times, allowing you to enjoy the gaming experience for longer.

Game Launcher App

To accompany the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 phones, Samsung has also unveiled its new pre-loaded gaming app, Game Launcher. Game Launcher offers users a varied suite of tools, and as results will make gaming even more convenient for users and change the way you will play games forever.


  • Instant downloads
  • Shortcuts and power saving options
  • Can turn off notifications
  • Screenshots
  • Record Your Game

Vulkan API

Vulkan API interface has been described by many as providing the next generation of graphics, giving Samsung the edge as the first manufacturer to use it on the S7 and S7 Edge. The Vulkan API focuses on 3D graphics, handling and games. The interface delivers high performance by distributing the workload across multiple CPU’s. Another way these new phones give you the ability to enjoy more intensive gaming for longer.

Game Pads

Owners of the S7 and S7 Edge now can optimise their gaming experience further with new optional GamePads. These pads can boast better gameplay and are specific to these new models.


With gaming so important to so many consumers of smartphones, Samsung wanted to put gaming at the heart of their latest mobile device. The resulting Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge are now market leaders in mobile gaming devices, offering gamers the fastest, cleanest gaming experience around.

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