Rehab Bingo re-brands following ASA ruling

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The Advertising Standards Authority, or ASA for short, have been very busy clamping down on bingo sites these days. The latest one to fall into their view is Rehab Bingo and they have been quite harsh with this site. We’ve got the full information on this gossip, so keep reading if you want to know all about it!

Bye Bye Rehab Bingo

The ASA took a lens to this site and found that the name was problematic, as they think that it promotes gambling as an escape for other addictions. The name rehab could suggest that a user could use this as an escape from their day to day life, which is a big no no for bingo sites.

The name actually comes from their support of a charity, which is based in Ireland. The original owners of the site created it to support this charity, though it’s not entirely clear if this was kept up by Broadway Gaming, who acquired the site some years later.

This, in itself, could be deemed to be a bit misleading, if players believed they were still supporting the charity. However, the ASA were more concerned about the other implications of the name. Thus Rehab bingo closes and Rosy Bingo was born!

To us, this seems like an exceptionally harsh ruling, used to make an example of this site. While the ASA acknowledged where the name came from, they seem more concerned with the potential way the word rehab could be taken by users. They said that the name was socially irresponsible, which feels like a bit of an overreaction.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a ruling along these lines, as another operator was fined for a story that one of their affiliates put out. In the article, the ASA deemed that the affiliate had advertised the operator as a way to escape normal life. Subsequently, the ad had to be taken down and the operator was fined, for the sake of a single sentence within the article.

What are your thoughts on this ruling, do you think this is a fair ruling?

(Click HERE for notes on Responsible Gambling)

Has Anything Changed?

A Rosy Bingo by any other name would smell as sweet it seems, as pretty much everything on the site is exactly the same. There’s been a bit of a rebrand concerning the logo, but that’s really where the big changes end. You’ll notice a bit of a difference on the homepage, but everything in the lobby is just the same.

We’re not sure why this operator plumped for the name Rosy Bingo instead, but we think it’s a good alternative. It conjures up an idea of rose tinted glasses, spring gardens and more to us, so it’s probably quite a positive name. We wonder if the brand could potentially lose some visibility, as it’s been forced to change name.

Broadway Gaming clearly have to be careful with the ASA in future, as this isn’t the first time they’ve gotten in hot water. They’ve been fined previously for a lack of clarity within their promotions, which has left them with serious bills to pay. It’s also the motivation behind their sites becoming wagering requirement free, as this means less terms to inform their players about.

Players will know what to expect here, as there’s really not much changed with this site. Aside from the name, you’re in for exactly the same experience as what you’re accustomed to. With so many sites to choose from, this could be a negative point against the site, as existing users might be a bit confused.

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