Real Money Bingo

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Bingo is one sector of the gambling industry that’s had almost record growth in recent years with the integration of websites and social media into the industry.

Real Money Bingo Sites

There are thousands of websites that let you play bingo for real money and they all have their own unique welcome bonuses and promotions. This makes it incredibly hard to decide which ones are giving you the most for your money.

So we’ve created a list of our top sites with the best bonuses and biggest jackpots:

Wink Bingo

Wink take a £10 deposit, add on 350% & give you a chance to win up to £1000 on their prize wheel. Use code ‘WINKBINGO60’!

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Lucky Cow Bingo

Deposit £10 here you’ll spin a dual wheel system that will tell you if you’ve won up to 500 free games on slots or bingo. They have a great system of weekly, monthly and quarterly jackpot games too!

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Social Bingo vs Real Money

Now Bingo has two different aspects to it, there’s ‘Social’ and ‘Real Money’games.

But what are these two genres?

Social Bingo games tend to be along the lines of Facebook based games where you can chat with friends and share your achievements on your timeline with all your friends.

These games usually allow you to play for free with a return that tends to be more generous.

Games like ‘BINGO Blitz’, featuring free, quick games with a variety of special Power-Ups that create special bonuses in your games. Plus they’ve also got a special ‘Daily Tournament’ room that lets you win money as well as bragging rights as you can you post your victory over your Facebook wall.

Next up is real money bingo; these games tend to involve playing for large sums of money on various specialised websites.

Real money bingo sites are usually better places to play as they have a wider array of games than the social apps do.

Not only are there various ordinary games of bingo, there’s also special slot, table and live games available depending on the provider.

Plus there are also brilliant welcome bonuses and promotions that are run almost daily on these websites landing you more bangs for your buck. Some also offer no deposit bonuses, so you can try the games out before investing any money in them!

Another handy aspect of real money bingo online is that the jackpots are considerable larger than their social counterparts.

Check out the list of new bingo sites!

What is RTP?

RTP stands for return to player; it’s the percent of money that will be returned out of the total amount wagered on a slot or casino game.So you were to make one hundred bets of a single £1 on a game that advertised a 90% RTP rating, well you would get a return of £90 into your account.

Basically, RTP is the polar opposite of the house advantage, so say a gamehad an RTP of 60%, well then the house advantage would only be 40%.

The lower the RTP is, the higher house advantage is, meaning the more money you sink in, the less you’ll get back.


In summary, although they may differ in the games they contain and the money you can win, there is plenty of joy to be had from bingo websites regardless of whether you like to play for cash or for fun, because bingo is a game for all.

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