Pre Buy Bingo Games

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Avid bingo fans may have seen the option to pre buy bingo cards, but what are the advantages to doing so and is it better to buy early?

What are pre buy bingo games?

You can pre buy tickets to many different games, mostly jackpot games though as these are often much more popular. The bingo site are giving you the chance to make sure that you can buy all of the tickets that you want and have your place in the game secured.

With more and more big games on sites we’re seeing the option to pre buy frequently now, especially since many of these games have a limited amount of tickets available.

What are the benefits of pre buy bingo games?

As we briefly mentioned above these games are usually a matter of ‘first come, first served’ so if you want some of the limited amount of tickets then you’d better buy early. The chances are if you’re drawn to a particularly good game that you want to play then others will be too, causing the tickets to sell faster. These can easily sell out before the day of the game and if you’re not fast then you might not get to play in the game at all.

The bingo game will then do all of the hard work and play the game for you with your tickets, you just log in later to see if you’ve won. With the average schedule being busier than ever this is useful if there’s a promotion that you don’t want to miss but other plans get in the way. It’s not just jackpot games that you can do this with either, many sites offer pre buy bingo games in their lobby that you can pick your tickets up for and then forget all about. Then the next time you get online, you may be looking at a much bigger balance.

How do you purchase pre buy tickets?

All you need to do to purchase these tickets is to head to the lobby on one of the pre buy bingo sites that are out there and select the pre buy option. You can also visit the promotions page and select the jackpot game that you want your tickets for and buy them from this page. As long as you have the funds available in your account that’s all you need to do, the site will do the rest.

Top sites for pre buy bingo games

When you want to start playing in pre buy games then we have a few suggestions for you to get the most bingo tickets and fetch some top bingo bonuses too.

Bingo Hollywood

– You’ll be glad that you can pre buy your tickets for this site as they constantly have really great games that you’ll want to get involved in. They’ll even give you extra bingo bucks on your first deposit to get you off to a flying start. Their 500% welcome bonus will give you all the funds you need to experiment with their brilliant pre buy games.

Wink Bingo

– This site has a wonderful, two part bonus when it comes to your first deposit that will get you on the road to victory. You just need to add £10 to your account, which will be subject to a 250% bonus and as if that wasn’t enough they’ll also throw in a go of the Wink Bingo wheel. This will deliver at least another £15 onto your deposit and if you use the code ‘WINKBINGO60’ you’ll get another £10!

Tasty Bingo

– When you get online here you only need to add £10 to your funds, which they’ll top up to £40. This way you can get in on all of the promotional games that you want without breaking the bank.

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