Pay By Phone Bingo

Playing bingo on mobile devices is one of the easiest ways to take part in the games you love. We’re all a bit guilty of having our phones stuck to us these days so it stands to reason we want to use it to pay and play bingo.

Best Pay-By-Phone Bingo Sites


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What are the pros and cons of paying with phone bill?

Paying by phone bill just lets you add the value of your deposit onto your usual phone bill at the end of the month. There are positive and negative aspects for you to consider when you play on mobile bingo pay with phone bill sites:


  • Simple to use
  • You don’t need to pay upfront, just wait for your regular bill to come through
  • It’s a safe way to control what you spend
  • You can check for any problems on your account easily and regularly
  • Your phone is needed to make the transaction, making it less likely for someone else to use your account


  • There are substantial limits to what you can deposit
  • You can’t withdraw with this method
  • Not all sites accept it
  • You’ll need to add a password to secure your phone, in case it is lost or stolen

What are Payforit & Boku?

Both of these are services which facilitate phone bill banking. These services allow you to sync your phone bill to transactions. They also offer a further level of security by prompting you to authorize any transaction which is attempted on your account.


The big difference between these two payment methods is that with Payforit you must be using the device that the phone number is registered to. The app detects the number that you’re using and goes through an automatic authorisation, where it sends a text to the phone and receives a code. The user doesn’t have to do anything as the app does it all for you.


With Boku bingo sites you can use input the phone number on different devices then authorise from your phone. This makes Boku a little less secure but still more secure than using a card directly with a site.

Both Boku and Payforit work with mobile carriers to authorise payments. Check the websites of the respective services to see whether your carrier supports the service.

Here’s a table that you can use to quickly see which aspects relate to which payment method:

Limits to Deposit£10 per transaction, £30 daily limit£30 per transaction, no daily limit
Is There an App?Yes, use this for one tap transactionsYes, only for viewing your balance and transactions
Widely Accepted?YesYes, but less so than Boku
Can you Withdraw?NoNo
Are There Any Fees?NoNo

How does it compare to using e-wallets/ payment vouchers?

Once phone bill banking is set up, it is extremely easy to use, but is it better than other alternative payment methods?

Pay by Phone Bill and PayPal

E-wallets, such as PayPal, offer a number of additional features such as prepaid cards. However, these will all require you to have the funds ready to deposit. You would not be able to fund these will credit.

Phone bill bingo on the other hand allows you a small degree of credit. You’ll be able to add your account purchases to the cost of your monthly bill and pay it alongside your regular bill. PayPal does have a great app that you can use to keep an eye on your transactions though.

With eWallets your card details are stored online in their server, so they could be hacked. You don’t give out this information while using mobile bingo pay by phone bill sites, so it’s arguably safer.

Pay by Phone Bill and Paysafecard

Vouchers have a slight edge on phone bill banking when it comes to security. This is purely because they can be purchased in cash at registered store vendors. Therefore, your banking details need never come into contact with the internet at all.

Vouchers such as Paysafecard also tend to have a higher deposit limit than mobile bingo pay with phone bill. The downside to these is the fact that you must actually go and purchase them from a store, something that not all users are able to do.

They also cannot be used for withdrawals, so Paysafecard and pay by phone bill are on par in this regard. Paysafecard doesn’t require you to even own a bank card and it can be completely anonymous.

The use of Paysafecard is becoming more popular, so you’ll find a lot of sites that accept this method of depositing. With some alternate payment methods, like Paysafecard and pay by phone bill you have to give up your no deposit bonus, so it’s worth bearing in mind.


If you want to protect yourself online, you can really use any of these payment methods. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, so pick one that suits your style of playing. Using phone bill payments is a great choice, so try it out!

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