Our Complete Look at the Best Bingo Sites

There are many ways in which a bingo site can be classed as the best in its own right. There are a number of categories that we use to pick out the best bingo sites which provides a comprehensive look at all aspects of a site.

In this article, we’ve created a complete guide to the sites that we think do the best in each category, as well as why they are important. Our aim here is to help you pick a site that suits you down to the ground and we’ve conducted thorough research to deliver that.

We use a variety of groups, sources and our expertise to pass along the correct information; we keep this updated too. These results are all totally objective, unbiased and subject to regular review by our content team.

Our Test Groups/Sources

We came up with a list of criteria that is the most important to online bingo players. To find the absolute best bingo sites online
in each one of our categories, we polled the following sources:

A Sample of 200 Bingo Players

We often think that the best way to find out the quality of a site is to ask players. We asked them to vote on these criteria to select the site that they thought best fitted each of the categories.

20 Bingo Review Sites

When finding these hidden gem sites, we used information gathered across 20 different review sites. These take into account even the smallest details about these sites and exactly what they offer players.

Our Team of Bingo Content Editors

Our editors write some of the best bingo sites UK reviews so it makes sense that they would find the top sites in each category. They have all the experience needed to offer an industry opinion on the sites and offer some things that regular players may not even consider.

Social Media and Forums

Rating sites on social media and in forums is becoming more popular, another aspect that we have taken into account with our ratings system. These are often provided by real players who can offer an insight into the site itself, giving first-hand information on what it’s like to be a player there.

The Parameters We Checked

We’ve pulled together a list of categories that we like to see when playing bingo as well the sites that offer some shining examples of them.

  • Bonuses
  • Wagering
  • Payout
  • Games
  • Slots
  • Payment
  • Service
  • Safety
  • Compatibility
  • Ease of Use


Wagering Requirements

Payout Speed

Selection of Bingo Games

Selection of Slots

Payment Methods

Customer Service


Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

Playing bingo on the go is one of our top activities, so it’s nearly essential for a site to be compatible with our smartphones and tablets. Some players prefer apps, others like to use mobile sites, but getting online on the go is our top priority. A good experience with all the same functionality of the full site is best, as is the case when you play on the sites below.

Ease of Use


If you’re looking to get the best bingo experience possible, then look in the categories above that are important to you to help decide. We regularly update these categories, so check in often to find out if there’s anything new going on.

Playing bingo is an excellent hobby but you should always stay vigilant, by checking out reviews, using alternate payment methods and just generally making sure you get the best deal. These things are all changeable so really engross yourself in the industry and keep searching for new options.

Here at Bingo Sweets, we’ll always give you the most up to date information on all of these aspects, so we do all the hard work for you. This allows you to make an educated decision on where to play and make sure you’re getting great value for money as well as a range of other features.

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