New Bingo Sites March 2017

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Latest News

  • ***Newest Site*** – Big Tease Bingo. Deposit as little as £10 & play with £60 + 25 free spins!
  • Visit the Bingo Boutique – This new 15 Network site is now online, add a deposit to your site and you’ll get 200% added on. They’ll also give you a spin of their wheel to add up to £2500 to your deposit.
  • Spins Bingo Imminent – Jumpman Gaming sites seem to be the most prolific on the internet at the moment and their new Spins Bingo site is soon to be launched.

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Check out our list of the absolute BEST new bingo sites 2017:

Big Tease Bingo

Brand new Big Tease Bingo offers huge welcome bonuses! Deposit as little as £10 to play with £60 + 25 free spins!

Visit website for full T&C's.

SpinIt Casino

Are you ready to SpinIt? Grab a very warm welcome: up to £1000 + 200 free spins!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Oink Bingo

Join Oink Bingo and bring home the bacon: Grab a £40 bingo bonus, £10 games bonus & 10 free spins as a welcome package!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Fever Bingo

Fever Bingo lets you spin the wheel on your 1st deposit & unlock up to 500 free spins OR free bingo tickets!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Dabber Bingo

Make a 1st deposit at Dabber Bingo & get £40 bingo bonus, £10 slots bonus AND free bingo tickets worth £20!

Visit website for full T&C's.


Is this the #1 bingo site out there? With a £15 free bonus + a welcome package of 1050% 001Bingo is surely in the running!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Ghost Bingo

Try out this ghostly site with £10 free - no deposit needed! Then, deposit £10 - play with £60!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Lucky Cow Bingo

Spin the wheel after every deposit of £10 on Lucky Cow & win up to 500 free spins!

Visit website for full T&C's.

My Stars Bingo

Find your lucky stars @ My Stars Bingo! Start out by tripling your 1st deposit. Then, spin the wheel and win up to £2500!

Visit website for full T&C's.


The NEW Bingo from PocketWin grab £5 free no deposit!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Peeps Bingo

Grab £5 free + 5 free spins as soon as you join! Then, enjoy tonnes more deposit bonuses AND free spins!

Visit website for full T&C's.

What’s New in Online Bingo?

We’re here with another look at the latest developments in gaming! Hold on tight, this one is bound to be an exciting one:

  • Look out for Chocolate Bingo – Food themed sites seem to be all the rage and we’ve heard rumours about this sweet site. It sounds like exactly the kind of place we’d want to play on!
  • Play at Lucky Wheel Bingo – If you’re feeling lucky then spin the welcome wheel at Lucky Wheel Bingo, a brand new Wheel of Slots Network site. You can win up to 500 free spins when you do!
  • Bingo Godz Gets a Makeover – This veteran bingo site has been around for forever and they’ve had a bit of an update! The rooms are newly redesigned and it gives the site a much fresher feel.
  • Get your Lippy! – Lippy Bingo is a sassy new site from Dragonfish with a female orientated theme. They’ve smooched their way onto the scene with a £5 no deposit bonus.
  • NextGen Bring Out Chilly Slot Game – With the summer months on their way, it seems like the perfect time to chill out with this new NextGen game. Snowflakes is an icy themed slot with plenty of sizzling jackpots to be found.
  • Brand New Game from Gaming Realms – The team behind sites like Slingo and X Factor Games have a world first game hitting the market this week. Magic Mine is intended as a real money alternative to puzzle games like Candy Crush, check it out.

There you have it! Are you excited for all these developments, we sure are!

New Ways to Game in 2017

The ways in which we play bingo and games online is always evolving. Last year, mobile sites became much more prevalent. In 2017, this will continue to become even more important, as players are now accustomed to having this option.

It’s no longer enough for new bingo sites to give their players one type of game, they need to have different ones from different developers to keep things interesting. Bingo players are also shifting their focus to online slots and Slingo to supplement their time playing bingo. Sites really need to be more diverse than ever.

New Payment Methods

With the development of new software you can now use PayPal to pay into, and deposit from, your various online accounts. This isn’t the only option widely available though, as players can use Neteller, Skrill and EntroPay on many sites.

The lucrative payment method market is always growing, so we’re seeing new payments like Zimpler and Breakout Coin coming onto the scene. This means that players will have more ways than ever to protect themselves online, so you can pick the one you like best. It may take some time before these are available on every site, but popular ones will crop up all over the place.

New Bonuses

Thanks to improvements in technology, brand new bingo sites can now provide some really interesting bonuses to their members. These are some of the most popular ones:

Spin The Wheel

This exciting type of bonus is rapidly gaining traction in the bingo community, as players love something a bit different. Usually, you’ll unlock the wheel by depositing and then spin it for a random prize. This can be bonus funds, free spins or something else entirely.

Free Spins

Now, more bingo players like freebies to play slot games with too. New bingo sites 2017 started to offer more of these bonuses and players have been loving them. They allow players to win even more bonus funds that they can then use elsewhere.

Games Bonuses

It’s also becoming more common to offer split bonuses, say 100% on bingo and 100% on games. These two bonuses help players try out new things and still allow them to have their extra funds for playing bingo too.

Choose-Your-Own Bonuses

Bingo nowadays is all about courting the player, so many new new bingo sites 2017 are allowing them to choose their bonus. This could give players bingo or games funds, depending which they’d prefer to play with.

Although these are more creative ways to reward players, no deposit bingo is still a major selling point of sites. There are more no deposit bonuses out there and some sites, like Intouch Gaming sites, have lower wagering requirements. Keep what you win sites, with a 1x wagering requirement, instantly let players withdraw their winnings as cash, which is attractive to many players.

Changes to Laws, Regulation and Taxation in the UK

In 2017, there are going to be some big changes to how bingo is regulated within the UK. Here are the things that we think could cause a knock on effect to players:

Free Bonus Tax

From August this year, casino, sports betting and bingo operators will be required to pay tax on the free bets that they offer. This applies to all those lovely bingo bonuses that we’re given as new players. 15% of the value of these bonuses will need to be paid to the government by the operator.

So how will this affect the average player? We may see bingo brands giving away less or looking to less easily taxed bonuses like free spins, which have a monetary value but not at a fixed amount. This will most likely mean a bit of a shift for brands, rather than them stopping these bonuses altogether.

Most likely it will be smaller operators that will feel the fallout from this tax, as they may not have the funds to find the loopholes. On these sites, we may see bonuses being reduced for a while until the larger players in the industry find a way around the tax. This may change the terms around bonuses too, as sites may try to make them seem like they are worth less and harder to win from.

Tougher Regulation on Advertisements

There’s already a debate raging on about whether bingo ads should be relegated to after the watershed in the UK. There is concern that children are watching and being influenced by these ads. Their bright colours and mascots are also being pointed to as things that would appeal to children.

This year, we may see these adverts changing their scheduling hours or becoming less appealing to kids. Everyone has a different opinion on this, some think that it is the duty of the parents to watch over what their kids consume through television.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a more responsible gambling approach being taken by operators. In advertisements, you’ll see links to bodies like Gamcare and gambling help advice. Senet is the industry body that is made up of operators who wish to give their players this information and they may see fit to add in a new type of warning in future.

CMA Investigations into T&Cs

The Competition and Markets Authority have long since championed the rights of the consumer with regards to advertising. Recently, they have been looking into the terms and conditions that are a staple on many sites. They want to find out if gambling providers are being misleading in saying players can receive free funds if they have such stringent T&Cs attached.

They want terms and conditions to be clear and not so invasive that players simply can’t win from a promotion. There are a number of aspects that go along with this too, like the difficulty that players can have withdrawing or how hard it is for them to challenge a site to keep their word.

Will Brexit Affect Bingo?

It seems like all we hear nowadays is how Brexit is changing things that we usually take for granted. The price of food, holidays and petrol has all fluctuated up and down but could this be set to affect bingo too?

A lot of gambling companies and their assets are kept in Gibraltar, a UK territory just outside of Spain. When Article 50 comes into motion, the people of this nation will be in a bit of disarray. How we are able to trade and even whether they will continue to be a British territory will be in question at this time.

We’ve all noticed the change in pricing on everyday items like Marmite, which was the cause of a massive news piece when Tesco refused to stock it at its increased price. The pound is worth much less than it has been in previous years and this could affect things like the jackpots we see or bonuses we get. It could also mean that new operators are reluctant to start up in the UK, as people have less money and other currencies are stronger.

There shouldn’t be much of an issue regarding the licensing of sites, as the UK law is what’s used in this regard. While there are overall EU gambling guidelines, they don’t really affect us too much. The details of what exactly Brexit means is still to be decided, so this could still change a lot.

It’s not all doom and gloom in 2017, though these changes will most likely come into effect. The gambling and bingo sectors have been around for a very long time, so a few changes to laws or taxation may not have as big an effect as we fear.


As time goes on, the bingo world is apt to change just as it will through 2017. New technology, like wearable devices and more sophisticated smartphones, will be bound to be a big driver of this change.

Bingo sites are always becoming more competitive too, as there are simply so many of them on the market. This will no doubt lead to sites coming up with new types of bonuses and aspects to make them stand out. Players will need to be even savvier when it comes to picking out the best bonuses because of this!

Just stay tuned to our reviews for all of the latest information on these sites in 2017.

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