Multiplayer Slots

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Fancy something different when you next play a slot game? Open your eyes to the multiplayer slots experience now online and you’ll soon have something new to check out. Our review of these fascinating slots reveals what to expect.

Best sites to play slots with other players

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What are multiplayer slots?

Online multiplayer slots are much like single player slot games. The difference is they pack in more entertainment. This occurs in several ways:

  • You can make friends as you play, quite unlike your average slot game
  • It adds a social element to a slot game you wouldn’t otherwise have
  • You become part of an online community
  • There could be additional prizes and cash on offer, not just those available in the paytable for the slot
  • You can take part in a competition while enjoying a slot game – a two in one deal!

All these perks add extra elements to what might otherwise be an average slot game. It’s no wonder people are loving these games. They provide additional prize-winning chances that wouldn’t otherwise be there to appreciate.

Ways to play

There are several ways you can play these kinds of games. 

  • Competitions – some sites have competitions that require players to work with or against each other, depending on the stance taken. There could be multiple prizes to be won in these competitions.
  • Tournaments – often known as tourneys, these pit players against each other to finish in the top positions; these would usually bring prizes
  • Teams – usually seen in community slots, where you work together in the hope of achieving some big prizes
  • Promotions – some slots sites introduce these games as part of site promotions, rather than offering multiplayer slot games to play

Social components of a multiplayer slot machine

The social side of multiplayer slots is often the best part. Regular slots are solo games; you play them on your own, not interacting with anyone else. That’s not true of these games.

Here are some of the social elements rolled into these kinds of slots.

Chat boxes

These appear alongside your slot and give you the chance to chat with fellow players as you spin. 

Choose your team

Choose other players to join your team. You might even arrange for people you know to sign up and play at an agreed time, so you can all play together.


Which team or individual is leading the competition? If a slot uses individuals or teams to compete against each other, progress is marked on a leaderboard. Regular updates mean you can always see who is ahead of everyone else.

Communal payouts

If a team of players does well, it could lead to a payout triggered by one player that is shared among all the players in that group. It would be a great thing to celebrate together, wouldn’t it?

Simultaneous play

This means you can play more than one slot at the same time. This can be mixed with chat boards, leaderboards for separate slots, and other features too.

Group prizes

As good as it sounds – a prize won by a group of people rather than an individual. Even if you don’t do well playing the slot, others may perform better. As part of the group, you’d benefit just as well.

Cooperation vs competition

This is a fascinating element of community slots. There are two types of these slots you can try:

  1. A winner takes all competition or tournament – this version means you are competing against everyone else. Whoever gets pole position when the tourney is over wins the pot or prize. Some might have two or three prizes on offer for the top-ranked players.
  2. A multiplayer community slot – this requires everyone participating to work together towards the prize. The better everyone does, the better the chances of winning. It also means one player could do worse than another, but a successful player could trigger a win everyone can share.

Are you a fan of multiplayer slot games?

These games won’t suit everyone, but if you’re a keen fan of slots you might find some additional appeal in community slots or multiplayer slots. Once you know the difference between the two, you can give them both a try. Are you ready to do that?

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