Know Your Customer Checks

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If you become a member of a UK casino or bingo site, you will need to verify your account before you can do anything else. Account verification checks are for your own security and safety. Here, we look at everything you need to know about them.

Why do sites need so much info?

If a betting and gaming operator is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (as it should be if it is a legit site), it is responsible for conducting KYC checks. They must pro-actively make sure all members meet the requirements laid down by the UKGC. This means engaging in initial checks and being diligent in checking other information in an ongoing capacity.

What are KYC checks?

These ‘know your customer’ checks are done to ensure several things:

  1. You are who you say you are
  2. You are of legal age to use the gambling site
  3. You can afford to use the site

You may think your money is your business, but those involved are endeavouring to ensure you do not bet with money you don’t have. The measures are also designed to make sure no one underage can bet online.

What information might be requested by the site?

You will need to produce valid ID to confirm your identity. For example:

  • A passport
  • A driver’s licence
  • Another form of recognised government-issued document

You might also be asked to confirm your earnings or income. This is done to make sure you can afford to make deposits at the site. It might seem strange, but it is one way the UKGC is making sure people can afford to deposit funds at their selected gambling site.

Typical examples of proof of earnings

Proof could be obtained in several ways:

  1. A payslip
  2. Evidence of director remuneration
  3. Evidence of dividend payments received
  4. Pension payments

If you cannot produce evidence like this, you can show evidence that such income has been received. For example:

  1. A bank or savings account statement showing the regular income
  2. A trust deed showing a regular entitlement to seek funds from that trust
  3. Dated proof of another award or payment you have received

You can see it is necessary to show that you are in receipt of regular earnings in some way. 

Top tip: Don’t engage with a UK casino that does not ask for such checks

It may seem convenient, but it means they are flouting the law and not adhering to the terms of their license (if they even have one). Either way, it shows some red flags, so steer clear!

What if you don’t give the information or documentation you are asked for?

Your account will be restricted until you provide the information requested. This means you should be able to look around, but you won’t be able to play any games with real wagers in place. You may not even be able to play demo games.

You are likely to get notice of a period during which you must produce documentation. If you do not complete the required steps, your account is closed. If you do complete the steps, you should be able to go ahead and enjoy the gambling site you have signed up to.

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