Kelly’s Eye to Top of the Shop: Your Guide to Bingo Calls

If you want to look like a real bingo pro then you need to know your bingo lingo! These fancy phrases are used in halls all over the country and online, so let’s find out all about them.

Our Fave Sites to Practice Bingo Calls

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Lucky Cow Bingo

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Cheers Bingo

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In the Beginning

Bingo calls originated out of necessity, as it was hard to hear the callers before sound systems were used. Bingo halls were often really noisy places too, which could make it hard to hear exactly what the caller was saying. Instead, they made up a language of rhyming slang for each number, so that players would be less likely to get mixed up with other numbers.

Even though this bingo slang isn’t really needed online, it’s still fun to use and features in many bingo lobbies. Here are a few examples of classic bingo calls:

  • 30 – “Speed Limit” – This was the speed limit in miles per hour of most built up areas in the UK.
  • 44 – “All the Fours” – The only number in 90 ball bingo with two instances of the number four.
  • 88 – “Two Fat Ladies” – The number itself resembles two larger ladies standing side by side.
  • 90 – “Top of the Shop” – The biggest number in 90 ball bingo.

The New Lingo

Everything changes with popular culture and bingo lingo UK is no different. In an effort to make bingo cool again, many operators have tried to bring in some younger references to their games.

Numbers like Oceans Eleven (11), Gareth Gates (8) and Jimmy Choo (32) have been added into the lingo.

These are more relevant than some of the older terms like Danny La Rue and Dirty Gertie, which don’t mean much to younger players! It’s just the natural progression of the language, as we’re always finding new terms added into our dictionary. In a year, approximately 500 new words are added to the dictionary, so it makes sense that this would apply to bingo too.

Bingo is Gr8!

When smartphones were first introduced, a whole library of abbreviations very quickly became part of the culture. Things like LOL and BTW aren’t restricted to texting, but there are special abbreviations just for bingo players. Examples of these include:

AbbreviationWhat it stands forWhat it means
WTGWay to goA congratulations for a winning player.
GLGood luckWishing everyone in the room good luck for the next game.
BLNGBetter luck next gameA condolence for not winning this game and good wishes for the next one.
GGGotta goThe player is logging off for the moment.
SYSSee you soonOften used as an alternative to just saying goodbye.
JJJust jokingUsed to point out a joke, alternative to LOL.
COICome on inUsually said by chat hosts to welcome you into a room.

There you have it, now that you know how to sound like a seasoned bingo player it’s time to become one! Play at one of our chosen bingo sites and make your way to the chat room to start flexing those fingers. You’ll find bingo is much easier and more fun when you do!

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