Immortal Romance Bingo

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Mecca Bingo and Glossy Bingo are proud to present this addition to their vast list of bingo games.

Immortal Romance has risen from the depths for you to play it, this spooky and mysterious game will open itself up for you to feast upon its vast features and bonuses.

Immortal Romance takes a lot of influence from the now widely known Twilight series of movies and books that were written by Stephenie Meyer.

The general gist of the story in Immortal Romance is an intriguing tale of one girl’s complicated relationship with supernatural creatures.

What Are The Rules?

The game is comprised of a 90 ball variant and a variety of bonus modes and fantastic features. These extravagant features are guaranteed to keep players hooked for hours on end.

When you begin you have the choice of two modes of play, there’s the base game or a spin off version featuring one of characters from the Immortal Romance franchise.

Although the main game is a ton of fun, the spin-offs have an added incentive for playing because each character has their own special ability that you can activate during play to drastically alter your play through.

There’s a variety of these sinister abilities, such as Troy’s Vampire Bats. These winged terrors swoop down onto the board at speed and daub up to three numbers per strip in a scattered effect.

Next is Michael’s Wild Desire power, overcome with lustful thoughts, Michael turns one column Wild for five balls per strip.

Complete anarchy can be created if you choose to use Ambers Scatterball ability during a play through, she randomly daubs up to two numbers per strip adding uncertainty to your game.

Finally is the strangest power yet, Sarah’s Wild Vines. These grasping vines slowly creep out onto the columns, stretching and intertwining with the board, daubing up to four numbers per strip.

All these eccentric abilities can be activated by collecting the medallions scattered around the board in game. These slowly fill up a power bar that can be activated at will to add a strategic edge to any game.

Bonuses & Free Spins

Immortal Romance Bingo is truly an entertaining game, but it gets even better because there’s also another dark power bar at the bottom of the screen. Which when full will summon the ominously named ‘Wheel of Fate’.

Once the wheel comes forth, players are sent into the aptly named ‘Chamber of Wins’ where they have to pick which character they would like to spin with in the dark and dank chambers. Depending on who you have chosen, you could be in with the chance of winning the mini-jackpot of five free spins.

To Sum Up…

Immortal Romance has an overall appealing and simplistic design. It gives off a dark and macabre tone that sends chills down the spine with its gothic vibe. Oddly fitting considering the dark characters involved.

It’s an entertaining take on the Bingo gaming genre that will leave you wanting more after every play through.

So sign up for an account now and play Immortal romance bingo.

You could play Immortal romance on Butler’s Bingo or you could try playing Immortal romance on Glossy Bingo, it’s all down to personal preference.

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