High Roller Bingo Bonuses

High rollers are the top of the food chain in the betting world. Whenever we think of those who frequent casinos, these are the people we automatically think of. High rollers don’t just exist in the world of Monte Carlo casinos or sultry action films. In the world of online bingo, high rollers are very much present and correct. If you’re one of these high octane players, then you’ll be looking for a site that can accommodate your needs. Luckily for you, we have some of these high roller bingo sites on-hand.

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Sites with the best high roller bonuses

Cheers: This is a site that knows how to reward. As soon as you sign up and deposit £10, you’ll be gifted with £20 of playing credit AND the opportunity to spin the wheel for a guaranteed win of up to £2,500. With a wealth of loyalty perks on hand, this site is a must for any high roller.

Sun: Powered by the team behind the national newspaper of the same name, Sun Bingo have many generous promotions up for grabs. Begin by claiming a 300% welcome bonus on your first deposit and soon you could be making waves with the site’s exceptional member promos.

mFortune: This is a great site for all mobile gamers. After you’ve gained your £5 no deposit bonus and 100% first deposit cash match, you can play to become a loyal member. Here you can even turn those coveted loyalty points into gifts. Earn anything from bonus credit to a skydiving trip. The sky really is the limit with mFortune.

What is a high roller and how do you become one?

High rollers are loyal players of online bingo. These are the players who play most frequently on their favourite site. Other names you might often hear for these roomies are whales or even more commonly- VIPs. If you head to any bingo site, you are likely to see the term VIP appear in some capacity. Generally this will be in terms of what the site can do for its VIPs. These high rollers are the player who plays most frequently. They also deposit higher than average amounts. Any respectable bingo site will always aim to reward such players. On many bingo sites, you’ll usually be able to track your progress and use this to see whether you have reached high roller status. Many sites have loyalty schemes which requires a player to reach a designated threshold in points before they are granted access. You can usually accumulate points either by depositing or taking advantage of promotions. Many players also win points in bingo game or slots. These loyalty points will build up until you reach the desired level when you will become eligible for VIP status. Bingo sites usually have more than one level of loyalty so even when you’ve officially reached high roller status, you can still keep climbing.

What are some of the bonuses a high roller might get?

As mentioned earlier, any bingo site worth their salt will aim to reward its high rollers. For this reason, you can expect to earn a wealth of goodies as a loyal member. You could become the proud owner of a high roller bingo bonus or even earn a special cashback percentage rate. Loyalty promotions are exclusive to VIPs. You may even gain access to special games or qualify for free tickets to network promotions. There are often VIP only jackpots and swanky prizes reserves for a site’s high rollers.

High rollers can earn a great number of loyalty bonuses which can help them to rake in the wins. If you are high rollers, you can bet that you are in the higher echelons. Do you have what it takes to play with the big boys?

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