Guaranteed Jackpot Bingo

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In the world of bingo there’s rarely a sure thing but guaranteed jackpot bingo is one of the few that exist. As player demand grows for these games more and more sites boast them these days, read on for our suggestions of where to play these games. They are becoming more ubiquitous but what separates them from any other jackpot online and why should players take notice of them?

What is a guaranteed jackpot?

A guaranteed jackpot is one that won’t slide lower or be progressive at any point, it’s a basic jackpot that will always be won by at least one player. If there are no full house winners then the jackpot will usually go to whichever player is closest, making it easier to win. In most regular bingo games if no one gets the full house then the jackpot will roll over or be withdrawn until the next game.

How does it compare to a progressive or sliding jackpot?

A sliding jackpot is one that decreases with every number call until there is no prize to be won. While this may be a more exciting way to play sometimes it’s better to know that someone will get a fixed prize with a guaranteed jackpot.

A progressive jackpot is one that’s dependant on the amount of players taking part, the more tickets that are sold for these games the bigger the jackpot will be. While this is fantastic for a super popular game it can be a bit lacklustre when fewer players take part as the jackpot will be much lower. In this way a guaranteed jackpot game can be more enticing as players can rest assured that the prize will be the same whether 5 take part or 5000.

Are there Ts and Cs to be aware of?

With a guaranteed jackpot bingo game the site has already committed their cash to the player but the type that they pay out can differ. It could be in bonus funds, which are then subject to a set of wagering requirements before you get to withdraw them.

Best guaranteed jackpot sites

If you’d like to give this style of game a shot then you’ll need the list of guaranteed jackpot bingo sites below to get you onto the right track.

Wink Bingo

– On this site players can expect to find a huge bingo lobby with plenty of exciting games to keep them playing round the clock. Your first £10 deposited here will be multiplied by a simply spectacular 250% and then you’ll also be allowed to spin on the wheel to add at least another £15 onto your funds. When you use the code ‘WINKBINGO60’ you’ll also get yourself another £10 added to your bingo bonus too. The prize wheel can pay out up to £1000 so you could be onto a winner with this site from the start.

Glossy Bingo

– For a shiny site play here, where you’ll find yourself rewarded with loads of fabulous treats. When you pop £10 into your new account on this site you’ll find it instantly multiplied by an awesome 250%, giving you £35 to play with. This site has a lot for you to choose from so you’ll have hours of fun at your fingertips with their bingo and slot games.

888 Ladies Bingo

– This site loves their newbies and so treat them to a lovely joining bonus of £50 to play with when they deposit £10. This pink and girly site was built with women in mind but it makes for a great few hours of gaming, no matter who you are. They also have tonnes of fab promotions for you to scoop up anytime you’re online and a lot of these give you ways to win, bonus funds and cash back.

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