Green Jade Games in the UK

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Ever heard of Green Jade Games? You are about to, as they have just received regulatory approval to launch their wares in the UK. We’re going to look at what might be to come from this new company.

Green Jade Games: The basics

  • Based in Malta
  • Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • UK Gambling Commission has now granted it a UK gambling license too
  • Benedict McDonagh is the managing director, with 14+ years’ experience in iGaming

Their website is impressive and shows a polished and professional approach we love. We have high hopes for this company.

What are we looking forward to and hoping to see from Green Jade Games?

Many casino players have a good idea of what they are looking for when they search for online casino games. The best companies provide a mix of delights for players to enjoy. Here is our wish list for games from this new outfit.

Interactive slot games

We like the sound of their first release, called Hammer of the Fortune, where you really do get to wield a hammer! Break up symbols with the hammer and decide when and where to use those blows for maximum effect. How could this type of mechanic be used in future slots and themes, we wonder?

Unique slots

This follows on from the point made above. Hammer of the Fortune is certainly unique. We wonder if the company is going to be able to keep up with this element.

We hope so, as players love slot games with unique angles and innovative methods of play involved. The hammer action in this slot gives you control over the volatility of the game, too.

Real money arcade-style games

Arcade games range from simple games ideal for beginners to far more complex ones when you fancy a change from slots. Some are far more akin to slots than others, but we’d love to see what Green Jade Games might come up with, especially in conjunction with the other name we are about to mention.

Linking up with CompetitionLabs

This connection was announced in July 2019. CompetitionLabs is combining forces with Green Jade Games to provide a bigger and better experience for players.

Most interesting of all is that CompetitionLabs are specialists in gamification. This involves adding different and innovative elements to games, such as:

  • Completing game missions
  • Achieving certain tasks during a game
  • Unlocking additional game features by fulfilling certain requirements

The games produced by Green Jade Games will be powered by the CompetitionLabs platform. For the gamer, this means being able to squeeze more entertainment and greater possibilities out of a game.

Are you going to try some Green Jade Games when you see them?

Let’s not forget they are new in the UK, so it is early days for this company. However, they’re already making positive headlines, so perhaps we can look forward to some cool titles cropping up with pleasing regularity very soon. If they’re going to be gamified slots, so much the better, don’t you think?

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