Gala Leisure Recruits Bingo Veteran

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Have you heard Roomies? Gala Leisure has just recruited John Kelly to help propel the company into a new era of bingo and to launch their new strategy, taking the popular bingo hall in a new direction whilst overseeing the Gala Leisure rebranding.

The UK’s biggest and best-loved bingo chain have enlisted the betting industry veteran and founder of the Gala Coral Group to serve as a non-executive chairman, joining the brand ahead of its £40 million modernisations.

Substantial Retail Expertise

Mr Kelly will be steering the company towards success and be working closely with the CEO of Gala Leisure Chis Matthews who brought his retail expertise to the company in September of 2017.

Matthews, who was previously the Chief Executive of Go Outdoors came on board and brought with him years of industry experience and now this power team are going to be forging ahead driving the rebranding process of Gala Leisure into Buzz Bingo.

Commenting on the appointment of John Kelly, Mr Matthews said that he had a “deep understanding” of the bingo and gaming industry as a whole. Speaking of the impending launch of Buzz Bingo he said he was “delighted” to have John with him particularly as he was the one who had founded the Gala Operations.

Both men have the daunting task of guiding the company through this exciting yet uncertain time. They will be using their combined expertise along with the other talented members of the Gala Leisure club to rebrand all of the chains 124 bingo halls which currently deliver bingo games and services to over 1.1 million members.

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New Goals for the Brand

However, it is not just Gala’s bingo clubs that will be receiving a complete makeover. Every effort is being made to increase the new brand’s online presence aiming to draw in a new generation of bingoers.

The company has placed an increased emphasis on;

  • Building a unique and personal relationship with its customers
  • Promoting a sense of community spirit
  • Injecting a sense of nostalgia back into the game and reconnecting with its valued members

Mr Kelly was seen to be confident ahead of the rebranding and remarked that the company’s strategic plan was “strong” as was their team and believed that Chris Matthews was the right person to “…lead the company to success in the future”.

Attracting a younger audience has long been the clubs ambition as it looks to mimic the successes of online bingo sites. As part of their rebranding strategy, the club aims to target the 18-24 year old demographic and hopes to not only see an increase in online members but wants to see more of this group actually attending in person.

Buzz Bingo as the chain will now be known are hoping to break away from the idea that bingo halls are typically associated with an older generation and hope that the rebranding will reflect not just the company’s fundamental values but the changing landscape of the bingo scene today.

The chain currently employs almost 4,000 people in more than 150 clubs all over the UK and it is thought that this major rebranding effort will see an increase in their numbers of employees, as many clubs undergo expansion and renovations.

Gala Leisure recently reported that revenues had increased in the last financial year, with profits totalling more than £360 million and with the rebranding already nearing completion, the club predicts that increased returns and continued success as they begin their future as Buzz Bingo.

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