Free Musical Bingo Cards and Game Ideas

Music is a great place to start when you’re planning a great party and you’ll probably want to plan some activities to go along with this. Ditch the musical chairs and use our free musical bingo cards instead for a much better experience.

Here Are Our Musical Bingo Cards:

Click below to see the pop music bingo card!

Click below to see the rock music bingo card!

Click below to see the indie music bingo card!


How to Play

We’ve provided our readers with a few different bingo cards to suit the kind of music that you like. Each of these focuses on a different genre and the tropes that you tend to hear when you listen to these types of music.

Just print out some bingo cards and set up your playlist to go along with the ones you choose. Alternatively, you can listen to a chart radio show and use all of the cards, as they’ll most likely have songs of every genre coming on the air.

Provide your players with bingo dabbers and invite them to dab off the elements that they hear. The first to finish the card is the winner, make sure they shout ‘bingo’ or it won’t count! You can have one big prize and then a couple of runner up prizes on hand too.

This is the perfect activity to go along with your next night in, you can even use the same idea for television shows, soaps, games and more! With new episodes of top television shows scheduled to come out soon, if you’re having a watch party then you can bring in this idea.

Overall, these ideas are ideal for any party scenario, just turn up the tunes and get playing!

Or… you can always check out some new bingo sites to play on with your friends!