Five Gambling-Themed Books You Can’t Live Without

If you’re like us then you love everything to do with bingo and online slots, including books about them. In this handy little article, we’ll be telling you all about the ones you need in your life!

The Basics of Winning Bingo by Avery Cardoza

Don’t let the name fool you, this book is great even if you already know a bit about the basics. This fab book is sure to catch your eye and the tips it has on gambling are great to bear in mind. It covers how to play, spreading out your wagers and even a few general tips that you can use for other forms of gambling too.

The author is well known in the field for gambling strategies and has quite a few bingo books under their belt. We’d suggest this one and its prequel The Basics of Bingo for a good introduction to the game. They’re written in simple language and they’re not totally dry either.

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Keep Grandma Off the Streets: Tales from the Bingo Hall by Matthew Del Mei

This humorous little book about bingo comes from an experienced bingo hall manager, who tells you all about the customers he’s had popping in over the years. This is a hilarious book but you can pick up a few bingo tips from it too, especially when it comes to the attitudes of the players.

It pretty much embodies the experience that you would get when going into bingo halls in 25 short stories.

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Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines! by Frank Scoblete

This game is partially about teaching you about the differences between slots and the aspects you can look out for. It’s suited to new and experienced players, as it goes over the basics before ramping up the theory a bit more. The author, Frank Scoblete, is a very well-known gambling author and has written lots of books on slots and other forms of gambling.

He has written about the likes of one armed bandits in the past but this is a more up to date book with the inclusion of online slots. This book in particular focuses in on what you should be doing, as well as what you shouldn’t!

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Powerful Profits From Video Slots by Victor H. Royer

This book is specifically about the kind of games that you can play online, so it’s brilliant for all of our readers. It covers the basics from how to select a good video slot to play on all the way up to common mistakes that you can learn to avoid. While some players may know a bit about slot game strategy this book will help you take it to a new level.

The book focuses on technique and betting patterns, which can turn the odds in your favour. Although slot games are predominately based on luck, picking the right one and betting properly can make a huge difference.

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The Mathematics of Slots: Configurations, Combinations, Probabilities by Catalin Barboianu

Though this may not sound like the most thrilling bit of light reading, understanding the principle of the mathematics behind these games can be helpful. This book talks about both online and real world slot games, as they both tend to work on the same principles. The book provides you with formulas that you can use to work out the statistics of any game, just by looking at a few bits of information.

Keep your calculator handy and this book by your side to really understand the games you’re playing on. Knowing the right information is half the battle, so we’d highly recommend even a cursory look through the pages of this book. At their heart, all slot machines work on mathematics and these can be used to influence your payouts.

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We hope we’ve managed to inspire you with our list of books, we’ve even included some links in case you want to buy them for yourself! Then you’ll be ready to go play online and have the best chance of success.