Dragonfish Bingo Roulette

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Sometimes even the keenest of bingo fans needs a change of scene. We’ve got just the thing for you – an entertaining game that marries bingo with roulette. Dragonfish Bingo Roulette puts a neat twist on bingo that introduces the thrill of the casino to this popular game.

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What is bingo roulette and how do I play?

No doubt you are familiar with a roulette wheel. Bingo roulette introduces this wheel to the bingo game. It combines the relaxed and enjoyable feel of bingo with the thrill of some casino action – the perfect combination.

You might wonder how roulette and bingo could possibly marry up so successfully. You are about to find out.

Buy your tickets and watch the wheel

Once you have purchased one or more tickets, the game will begin. It works just the same as other bingo games – you must tick off all the numbers on your card. There are only five per card, so watch closely to see how many numbers land on the wheel.

Is there a maximum number of tickets you can buy?

Yes, you can purchase up to 96 tickets for each game. A single ticket shows five numbers. If the roulette wheel spins and stops on a number you have on a ticket, that number is marked off.

Tick off all five numbers on the same ticket before anyone else manages to do the same and you’re a winner. Each game has a pot to be won, and the amount in that pot is paid to the winner.

Bingo roulette is a 52-5 game

This means you must match five numbers from the 52 that are available. There is only ever one prize for each round of roulette bingo. This is paid to the person who is first to match their five numbers with the ones the roulette wheel lands on.

Dragonfish Bingo Roulette: Why do we love Dragonfish content?

It’s exciting to play

Bingo can feel like the same old, same old occasionally, can’t it? Not so with roulette bingo! The excitement of the casino tables comes into the bingo room and we love the mix.

The bingo variant introduces innovation into the game

There are lots of bingo variations around:

  • 30-ball bingo, otherwise known as Speed Bingo
  • 90-ball bingo, the traditional bingo game, with a three-row format and five numbers per row
  • 75-ball bingo, the 5 x 5 grid version of the game
  • 80-ball bingo, featuring a 4 x 4 grid formation

While these all provide different ways to enjoy the game we love, roulette bingo takes a new tack. The innovative way to play may only have one prize per game, but it attracts the attention of players who tend to prefer roulette and other table games. Appealing to a new audience is what bingo innovation is all about.

It’s been shortlisted for Best New Bingo Game!

Yes, the game is up for an award at the 2019 Which Bingo Awards. Time will tell if it wins, but the recognition is clear. This new bingo variation has won over lots of fans and made lots of positive headlines.

Will you give Dragonfish Bingo Roulette a try today?

We recommend you do. If you have ever wanted to try the thrill of roulette but you’re not sure how to, this provides you with the perfect alternative. Everyone will be looking for their selection of five numbers to land whenever the roulette wheel stops.

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