Competitive Bingo Games

If you’re like us then your bingo victory tastes a lot sweeter if you beat other players to get it. For this reason, we love to play on competitive bingo games, as it really appeals to our competitive side. Learn all about how, where and why to play these right here.

Our Favourite Sites for Competitive Games

Check out the games on these sites to tap into your ruthless side to nab those jackpots:

Big Tease Bingo

The community on this site is huge, so there are plenty of players for you to interact with while you play. They have slot and bingo tourneys regularly on this site.

Visit website for full T&C's.

Cheers Bingo

This site might seem like just good fun but there are a lot of more serious games for you to test out too. Their seasonal promotions often have a competitive element and big prizes to boot.

Visit website for full T&C's.

Just check out the terms and conditions of any offers before you start playing.

Types of Competitive Bingo Games

Next up, we’ll be taking a look at the different types of bingo competitions you might find yourself playing in:


Bingo tournaments, or tourneys for short, are competitive games that you will be challenged to play as an individual. The exact method by which you win changes from site to site, some may ask you to play more and others may only count your wins.

Team Events

If you’re playing in team bingo games then you’ll be automatically given a group for the duration of the promotion. Then, you’ll get to collect points to lead your team to victory, as you battle it out against other groups of players. The rewards will usually be split taking into account how much each player contributed to the team, so you can’t just go along for the ride.

Leaderboard Games

These games make it very obvious that you’re playing against other roomies, as your aliases are all displayed on a massive boards. These will update through the course of the leaderboard games as you complete the challenges that you need to win. This allows you to adjust your strategy if you need to so that you can win, just check where you stand on the leaderboard.

What Do You Typically Win?

This is a broad subject area, as savvy bingo players will know that you can win many different things from promotions. They can start off in the bonus category for free games, for these you might win bonus points or loyalty points. If you’re paying to play then the chances that the prizes will be much bigger, like cash or a tangible prize.

Tips to Win

If you’re ready to start playing competitively, then we have a few tips to help you out:

  • Read the rules – This one is really important as if you don’t you may not be eligible to win a competition. You might have forgotten to opt in or complete a step before playing, which will mean you won’t get your hands on the prize.
  • Play on smaller networks – If you’re playing networked, competitive games then try and go for ones on smaller networks. With large networks, there are more players and less prizes to go around so you’re less likely to win. If it’s a leaderboard competition on a big network then the rankings can change dramatically very quickly, so someone might just snatch the prize you thought you’d be winning.
  • Purchase tickets wisely – You want to buy as many tickets as possible for these games, but pre buy them if you want to make sure you’re in the game. You can also play during less busy times to reduce the ticket price, giving you more shots at the prize.
  • Wagering requirements – Be aware of any limitations on your prize or funds, as you want to be able to cash out eventually. Just take a look into these and the T&Cs of the promotion to make sure that you know everything that you need to.

Get playing on a competitive bingo game to up the ante and make bingo exciting again. You can show your competitive spirit and maybe you’ll even walk away with the top prize.

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