What on earth is bingomation, I hear you ask? Obviously it’s about bingo, but beyond that you may have no idea what to expect. Suffice to say it’s a lot of fun… and it’s a wonder no one has thought of this before…

Transforming bingo calls in the online world

This is what it’s all about:

  • An artist picks a bingo number
  • They create an animated GIF based on the traditional bingo call for that number
  • They create some truly unique bingo art

Hmm… still a little confused? So were we when we first heard about this. Let’s pick an example so you can see how it works with a specific number.

  1. Let’s pick number 22 – two little ducks!
  2. The bingo numbers appear on the screen first
  3. They transform into two little ducks in front of your eyes
  4. Maybe they swim off or just bob on the spot!
  5. The bingo GIF repeats on a loop

It takes some serious artistic merit to come up with some great bingo animation of this kind. The number 22 was taken on by Hayley Akins, whose contribution has appeared in an article about bingomation, as it’s being called. The number 22 appears bobbing around on the waves before turning into two little ducks… who are then eaten by a shark.

Oh dear.

Why we love bingo combined with art and animation!

This idea has brought new life to the world of online bingo. After all, you can’t animate bingo numbers at a real-life bingo hall, can you? Not unless you use the GIFs and show them on a screen as the numbers are being called.

There are plenty of reasons why they are becoming more widespread and better-known as well:

  • They turn simple numbers into fun animations
  • They give new meaning to traditional bingo calls
  • They provide a challenge to animators
  • Both traditional and modern bingo calls can be transformed into GIFs
  • They could be used on new bingo sites if the owners got permission
  • They’re creating a whole new buzz around bingo!

Could bingomation bring a whole new generation to the game?

It’s certainly a possibility. The idea of transforming bingo calls into short animated features is innovative and very unusual. Bingo is a well-known game, but it isn’t one that is traditionally thought of as being ‘hip’ among youngsters.

Could bingomation turn things around in this way? It’s possible. Tumblr, well-used among the internet generation, even has its own Bingomation page. It has the tagline ‘where bingo meets animation’ and it provides guidelines for those wanting to make their own animated bingo GIFs.

You can even claim your number to get your own effort included on the page. Are you ready to give it a try?

Some other great examples of bingo numbers transformed into bingo art

These examples are all included on the Tumblr Bingomation page. It’s definitely worth a look:

  1. Number 2 – Andy Williams has gone for a shooting gallery GIF that leaves one little duck at the end
  2. Number 4 – James Taylor has knocked on the door for number four, creating a house with a garage door that opens to let a car out
  3. Number 21 – it’s a coming-of-age in the GIF by Qais Sarhan, as the animation celebrates this notable birthday
  4. Number 30 – Tracy Brinling came up with a dirty martini GIF for ‘dirty thirty’!

As you can see, there are lots of innovative and fun GIFs doing the rounds at the moment. More and more people are getting involved and bringing bingo calls into the 21st century in the process. What would you do to create a GIF of your own favourite bingo number?

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