Bingo Variants

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Bingo is a great game. For many of us, it is a great way to chill out after a hard day. Or a fun pick me up during the day. We all have a favourite format. Maybe you enjoy the hilarious calls native to the 90 ball format? Or are you more of an American 75 ball fan? Regardless of which variety you play, it can sometimes be a good idea to switch it up. Some of you may not even be aware of all the different bingo variants out there. Try a new game today and keep bingo fun and interesting. Your old faithful favourite will still be waiting for you when you get back! Below is a list of the very best bingo sites with hybrid games. These games vary from the norm and spice up your routine.

Lucky Cow Bingo – Play video bingo at this exciting new bingo site. Get the best of both worlds with this bingo/ slot game hybrid.

Mecca Bingo– Play progressive, community jackpot game Rainbow Riches bingo at Mecca. This Irish bingo hybrid takes its theme from the popular slot game of the same name.

Tea Time Bingo– If you like quickfire games then take a trip to this site to play a fast paced game of 30 ball bingo!

Traditional games vs Bingo variants

There are a few formats of bingo would now hold ‘traditional’ status. These staples tend to be 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. These can also be known as American bingo and British bingo, respectively. This simple reason for this is, that 75 ball bingo tends to played in America whilst 90 ball bingo is predominantly played in Britain.

75 ball bingo tends to play for a full house only. The cards come in a 5×5 format with the letters B-I-N-G-O running down one side. The caller will announce the numbers with the letter of the line then the number (i.e. B3) as often players purchase more than 1 card for these games. 90 ball bingo is the variety we associate with the more gregarious bingo calls. This is where you are likely to hear rhyming slang and tongue-in-cheek references. In these games, players will often win prizes for 1 line, 2 lines and full house.

Bingo variations put a twist on these traditional styles by either speeding them up or adding a theme. In the case of Tea-Time Bingo’s 30 ball bingo, the game is far shorter as players are only playing for a 30 ball full house. Sometimes, the frequency of calls will be far faster to ensure a fast paced game therefore making the experience higher octane.

Why do we love bingo variants?

Too much of a good thing can be boring. We love online bingo variants because they are new and interesting. They spice up the game and stop bingo from becoming a monotonous affair. Games such as 80 ball bingo can provide a step between the traditional 75 and 90 ball games, combining our favourite elements. Quite often players come to a bingo site but also love casino games and slots. Instead of playing both individually, bingo variants can provide a great mix of both in the one place. This is true for varieties such as video bingo, rainbow riches bingo and bingo roulette.

Stop yourself from becoming bored with the same old bingo games. New varieties may seem intimidating and challenging at first but they provide a great alternative. The rules are easily comprehendible if you read the full T’s and C’s. If you feel like your time on bingo sites requires a little freshening up, look to hybrid bingo games to add lustre!

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