Bingo Strategy

Once you learn the rules of bingo you may begin to wonder how you can use a strategy to increase your chances of winning. There are a whole load of tips and tricks that you can use to pick up more jackpots in your day to day play so you won’t need to wonder how to win at bingo anymore.

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You might think that it’s all random when it comes to online bingo but there are strategies to make the jackpot win more likely. Part of this is to do with experience and the other part is down to choice, but you can stack the cards in your favour by following our handy strategy guide.

Buy More Cards

The biggest way to get your chances on the up and up is to buy more cards. With more chances to win your chances of winning increase, which is good news in budget games. Even with the more expensive games this can go a long way towards a win and the jackpots usually scale up alongside the ticket price.

Frequency also comes into play when you consider the amount of games that you get involved in. Simply put, take part in more and you could win more. You’ll also gain experience and get better at spotting the games that work for you and the ones that don’t tend to pay out as much.

No Lose Games

One of the newest types of bingo game is the no lose game, where there are no losing tickets. These games will have one jackpot for the winners and a communal jackpot for everyone else. The amount of tickets also comes into play with this online bingo strategy as the more tickets you have the larger your portion of the prize pot will be.

Choose Your Room Wisely

Statistically speaking you have more chance of winning a guaranteed jackpot in a room with fewer players. As the amount of cards in play go down your luck increases, especially when the jackpot is guaranteed.

Progressive jackpots also offer an interesting chance for a bingo strategy as these rooms tend to be low budget with big prizes. In these rooms you can purchase more tickets to attempt to get closer to the massive prize, though there will be many other players doing so too.

Look for a Good Deal

It’s far easier to snap up tickets on a budget when you use a promo code or ticket discount. On some sites you’ll get a buy two get one free ticket deal, so these will up your chances without spending anymore.

Use deposit bonuses to your best advantage too, when you get more for your money it’s far more possible that you’ll be able to buy extra tickets. Shop around for the best deals though, as a game may be networked but promotions can differ from site to site. If you are using a bonus to purchase cards be aware of your wagering requirements if you win, as you’ll want to withdraw a jackpot as soon as possible.

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