Bingo Sites with Tournaments

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One of the hottest promotions you will find on online bingo sites are some great slot, instant game and online bingo tournaments!  These are fantastic for those of you who like your online gaming a little on the competitive side, and they give you the chance to win extra cash prizes as well as whatever you could win spinning on the actual slot or bingo games themselves.

Best Sites to Play in Tournaments

There are lots of sites that offer free online bingo tournaments, or slot tournaments – but we thought we would help you out by choosing a few for you to get you started.  It’s worth noting that you need to keep checking that these specific offers are available, as operators can chop and change their offers from time to time.

Wink Bingo – Wink Bingo host a great sweetie land tournament where you need to spin on some slots and earn tournament points to progress to the next round.  You can buy into other rounds and can scoop cash prizes from £100-300 depending on how successful you are.

Tasty Bingo – Tasty Bingo host a special £155 Tourney Teasers offer every single week.  All you need to do is play your favourite bingo or instant games and you can earn yourself cash prizes if you manage to top their leader board.  The more you play – the more likely you are to win something.

Tea Time Bingo – Team Time Bingo have great free bingo tournaments to take advantage of.  There are 2 different levels which are Challengers and Premiership – and you can get yourself some free tickets to these games.  You need to progress through the levels to be eligible for some of the bigger prizes.

Why are these Tournaments so Fun?

These types of tournaments are great fun as they bring out the competitive spirit in players, but by allowing them to get on with their fellow bingo buddies at the same time.  It’s exciting to look at leader boards to see how you are faring against others – and there’s also an element of anticipation when you can go in and check where you are every day. You can also have a natter with your fellow roomies to see how they are getting on which is a lot more fun than just playing solo games.

Do you have to pay to Play?

It completely depends on the promotion and the brand.  On some sites you will get the chance to play certain rounds for free and then have to buy in, and on some sites they will be completely free.  You will also find that the way to climb up the tournament leader board is to actually play pay to win games.

Are the Prizes any Bigger?

In the free bingo tournaments the prizes are usually smaller purely because you obviously don’t lose anything by taking part, but if the terms and conditions mean that you need to wager money to win – then yes you can win some nice big prizes.

What about the T&C’s?

As with everything there is always some kind of terms and conditions to look out for.  It could be anything from you can only earn leader board points by playing certain games, to there are a maximum amount of tickets you can purchase.  It could also be that if it’s a monetary prize that it’s credited in bonus funds as opposed to real cash which means it would come with wagering requirements.

Our Summary

Free online bingo tournaments can come in many forms as you see – and sometimes they even throw in the odd instant game or slot game ones!  Hopefully this is everything that you need to know about these kind of tourney’s.

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