Bingo Sites with Deal Or No Deal Games

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The Deal or No Deal television series is one that many people love to tune into on a daily basis. If you love this gameshow then you simply have to play one of the many spin-off games online. Step up and find out if you can beat the banker! To help you get started here are some bingo sites with Deal or No Deal games:

List of Sites with DOND Bingo

These Deal or No Deal bingo sites will get you playing this game in no time:

  • Mecca Bingo – Enjoy one of the biggest bingo sites in the UK and spend your first tenner for £50 to play with,
  • Gala Bingo – Play happy with this site, or check out their app for Deal or No Deal bingo mobile fun.
  • Sun Bingo – This Virtue Fusion site has all of the latest games, plus they’ll give you an extra 300% on your first deposit.
  • Bet365 Bingo – This massive bingo site is filled with promotions and they start their players off with a whopping 200% bonus.
  • Big Tease Bingo – One of the biggest new bingo sites around with a 500% welcome bonus and 25 free spins for new players. Such a tease!

As with all offers that we advertise, the full details of these can be found on their bingo site.

How did it all Start?

If you live in the UK, then there is every chance that you watched Deal or No Deal when it was live on TV. The programme became one of the most popular game shows in history and it originally aired from 2005-2016. The idea originated from a show in the Netherlands and the UK show featured a single contestant trying to bear the banker by opening up 22 identical sealed boxes.

Each box had a different sum of money within rising from 1p up to £250,000 and the aim of the game was to open boxes and try and win as much money as possible. The programme continue to grow in popularity spawning several spin-offs and celebrity specials featuring TV stars such as James Corden and Jimmy Carr. Meghan Markle even made a guest appearance as one of the briefcase models!

However, the programme is perhaps best-known for its legendary presenter Noel Edmonds and the success of the programme allowed the franchise to expand into other areas of modern culture such as board games and the online gambling market with Deal or No Deal Bingo now readily available.

DOND Bingo

How to Play

When you start to play the DOND bingo game, you might think that it’s just like 90 ball bingo but there’s a big surprise at the end. If you manage to win the full house then you’ll be in the hot seat playing alongside Noel. The initial jackpot that you have won will then be gambled, with your fellow roomies commenting on the action.

The rules of the game are pretty simple to pick up once you have had a little practice. In every game number are dabbed for you automatically so you there is no need to try and keep up with the game. The interface is great as your most effective cards are moved to the top of the screen so it is easy to see when you are about to win.

In terms of prizes, the jackpot is determined by the total number of tickets that are sold for that particular game so it’s pretty much the same as standard online bingo in that sense. When the game starts, numbers are called randomly until there is a winner. If there is more than one winner then the prize will be split.

Tips for Beginners

The game has a fairly solid set of rules so there isn’t too much that you can do to strategise due to the random nature of the gameplay. You can pre-purchase tickets on a lot of sites and purchasing multiple cards is also a good idea. The gameplay can be pretty fast and furious so don’t choose this game if you’re looking for a relaxing bingo experience. Get ready to pay attention if you want to win!

DOND Slots

How to Play

Deal or No Deal slots takes you into the world of the banker once more, where you can win thousands of times your wager. It’s one of the most interesting and rewarding slots, with plenty of bonus rounds. Get opening those boxes to reveal multipliers, free spins and amazing gifts.

Set up your wager and then you’re ready to play with this slot game. The golden reels will get to spinning and then you just need to cross your fingers. This is the very first DOND slot in the series and it is structured with 5 reels and 20 paylines. This makes for a pretty standard game to play that is viable for both new and experienced players.

Players can spin this slot from just a penny but the maximum bet rises all the way up to £200 so there is a good range of bets that can be placed on this game. With a return to player of over 95%, it also offers a good chance of paying out. However, the bonus features are where the real action is at!

The Jackpot Bonus Game is perhaps the most sought after feature due to the option to play for a progressive jackpot on certain sites. This is where you could win big money but you will need to land at least 3 of the phone symbols but it is extremely unlikely that you will unlock this game.

However, there are other bonus rounds on this game which can help you win big. The Reel Banker is the first bonus and you will receive unlimited free spins with all of these subject to a 2X multiplier until the banker appears in the centre reel. The second is the Banker’s Best Offer and the player may be offered up to 10 consecutive boxes in a row and must decide whether to accept or try the next one.

Tips for Beginners

The game is pretty random in terms of its gameplay so there isn’t too much that you can do to strategise. It really is a case of spinning the game as much as possible to try and unlock the bonus rounds. Our top tip would be to start out with some smaller wagers until you are used to the setup of the game. Start out with some 5p bets and then you can work your way up.

Where to Play

  • 888 Ladies – You’ll feel right at home with this bingo and slot site, as they have just about any game that you could wish for.

DOND European Roulette

How to Play

If you love roulette then prepare to experience it in a brand new way. It’s one of the simplest games to start playing, as all of the betting options are right there on the table. The Deal or No Deal theme means that this game packs in a lot more fun and bonus features than the standard version.

The basics of the game are intact on the Deal or No Deal version and it plays out just like a standard European roulette variant. The object of the game is to predict where the small ball will land and you can do this by placing bets on the betting table. Players can enjoy a variety of both inside and outside bets on this game so it is a great option for those seeking a bit of excitement with a DOND theme.

Tips for Beginners

Starting out with simpler inside bets is the best way to approach this game. You can start out by betting on odds & evens or red or black as this will help you get used to the game and get you up to speed quickly. Then you can try out some of the more complex outside bets.

Where to Play

Both Deal or No Deal European Roulette & Video Poker (this is below) are available on each of these sites.

  • Wink Bingo – This spectacular bingo site is never short on bonuses or promotions, so you always have that little bit extra to play with.
  • 888 Ladies – This bingo site isn’t only for the women out there, as anyone can appreciate their offers.
  • Bingo Hollywood – It’s no wonder that you can find Noel Edmunds on this star studded bingo site, be sure to claim their no deposit offer.

DOND Video Poker

How to Play

Poker is already a battle of wits but with this game you take anything that you’ve won and bet it in the game show. It’s up to you if you want to bet what you’ve won in the bonus round or keep your winnings as they are. This can be the perfect introduction to casino games for those that mostly stick to bingo.

Basically, this game is a version of video poker in which the lowest possible winning hand is a pair of tens. Players can use the poker rankings displayed to complete hands and win real cash prizes. Bets begin from 5p and rise up to £2 and the big red “DEAL” button will deal the cards.

Tips for Beginners

This game can get pretty addictive so yet again, we recommend starting out wagering 5p per hand. You should study the paytable carefully to learn all of the hands and then you should be good to go. You can also use the “Max Coins” button if you want to up the ante.

DOND Scratch Card

How to Play

The banker will take you on in this scratch card too, as you reveal the symbols he’ll call to tempt you with jackpots. It’s up to you if you want to open up all of the boxes or take his offer in this thrilling instant game. You can win up to £250,000 playing this game and it is split into two sections.

Game 1 requires you to open the classic red boxes to reveal prizes whereas Game 2 is a more traditional game which offers the chance to scratch from nine symbols to reveal matching symbols to win. It is a simple game that can be picked up and played for a couple minutes at a time and will suit those players that enjoy an instant win.

Tips for Beginners

There isn’t much you can do on this game in terms of strategy but trying out both Game 1 and Game 2 is advised to discover which you enjoy most. Starting with smaller 50p wagers is also advised until you are used to the setup.

Where to Play

  • Tasty Bingo – Sink your teeth into this bingo site for hours of fun in the palm of your hands. They have a 300% deposit bonus just waiting for you.

Which Game do we like Best?

We are big fans of all of these games but we are bingo purists and cannot see past the bingo version – it’s great fun! However, the slot game also offers some absolutely fantastic bonuses and a real chance of winning big. The Banker’s Best Offer is a really exciting feature and a key reason why we would recommend the slot game.

Both the Video Poker and Roulette games are ok but they do not generally offer anything in terms of unique features and are basically standard games with the Deal or No Deal theme. Nonetheless, some of our players are huge fans of both so if you want to play them then you can easily do so.

However, if you’re a massive Deal or No Deal fan like us, then we’d recommend you check out all of these branded games. They’re all officially licenced and fair, so there are no knock-offs or scams to watch out for. Enjoy your time on the show and discover what you could win.

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