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Did you know you may have already encountered gamification, even if you’re unaware of what it means? We’re going to guide you through bingo site gamification and reveal the perks and advantages of understanding how it works. Strap yourself in and prepare for the journey ahead.

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What is gamification?

Gamification can occur in several ways, but usually one of two elements are added to the bingo site or to some of the available games there:

  1. A storyline
  2. A theme

But how are these elements added to the sites? This can be done in various ways, so look out for the following:

  • Gamified slots (more about this later)
  • Site bonuses that introduce gamified elements
  • Daily events
  • Multi-stage promotions featuring different levels

Why gamify a site?

You might wonder why these gamification sites exist. There are perks for both the player and the site owners:

  1. The industry is getting more competitive, and gamification helps a site stand out from the crowd
  2. Players love extra challenges and features, so they become more engaged in what is on offer
  3. More players stay with sites that offer more by way of gamification, rather than looking elsewhere to play
  4. Players are more likely to visit more regularly too
  5. These sites provide far more features and exciting ideas than regular sites

Ways to gamify a site

There are far more ways to do this than you might think. Let’s dive in and see how it can be done, so you’ll know what to look for when visiting any bingo site.

  • Spin a reel or a wheel when you sign up for a chance at some free spins on a slot
  • Play games as part of a tournament rather than just as standalone games
  • Collect awards or trophies for completing tasks and challenges 
  • Participate in challenges in the chat room as an individual or team member
  • Collect VIP points or loyalty rewards – the more you use a site, the more you can collect, before converting them into rewards such as cash or free games
  • Gamblification also exists on the social media pages for these sites, with extra perks and treats regular members cannot access
  • Themed bingo sites can work like a game, with different themed locations to visit and benefit from as you progress
  • Play gamified slots with different areas, levels, characters, and symbols on offer
  • Try multiplayer bingo or slot games where several people play the same game at once
  • Interact on Facebook (or another social media site) for a chance to scoop free spins, early access to games, and more

Not all sites carry all these features, but it is very likely you will spot several of them at the same site.

Gamification slots

You mean you can gamify a slot as well? You bet, and we’ve got some great examples of those slots right here. There are lots of ways this can be done, too:

  • Themed slots merge storylines with the game itself
  • Some slots have different levels to play where symbols and features change
  • Different levels may introduce different areas or backgrounds
  • Bonuses make the reels disappear and take you to another location to play the bonus feature

Let’s explore a couple of examples of some gamification slots you might have seen online already. 


Everyone knows the story of Pinocchio, but rarely has it been told in such a delightful way as this. The game was released by Betsoft in 2015 and it remains as one of the best examples of this interactive gameplay idea.

It boasts five reels and has 15 lines to play on, offering great 3D graphics to enjoy as well. However, there are some excellent features to note too:

  • Play in two modes – Real Boy Mode and Wood Boy Mode
  • Visit three worlds within the game – Geppetto’s Workshop (the starting location), The Classroom, and The Stage
  • Watch out for a fairy to appear if you get a four-icon line-up, as she may give you another spin of the first, second, or third reel to try for a five-of-a-kind prize

The worlds each boast different features, such as Geppetto as a wild in his workshop, and different scatters in each of the other two worlds, each leading to different bonus features.

Lucky Leprechaun

The popular Irish luck theme is in store for you here, with some great elements in store. The format is familiar, with five reels giving room for 20 lines to be played. Expect to see these elements in action too:

  1. The game logo is a substitute logo for other symbols
  2. The scatter is shown as a gold coin with a lucky clover on it
  3. If the coin appears on the fifth reel, you receive five free games with prizes doubled in value
  4. The leprechaun becomes a wild symbol during those free games

To trigger the bonus, here’s what you need to do:

  • Locate a minimum of three pots of gold – the bonus symbol – in one spin
  • Three pots = four spins on the Trail O’ Fortune
  • Four pots = five spins
  • Five pots = six spins
  • The more scatters you get, the bigger the trail multiplier becomes

Get your game on and experience some gamification to see what you think

One thing is certain – gamification websites are bigger and better than regular sites. If you haven’t visited a bingo site like this before, try one of the ones we mentioned earlier to get a better feel for what is on offer. You might be surprised at how entertaining and involving they are.

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