Bingo Belly Begone!

In this day and age you see a lot of headlines going on about the “Obesity Epidemic”, how hidden sugars in our food are slowly killing us and what the top fad diet is that you should “totally be in for bikini season”.

Being someone who’s got a few extra handles to him, I’m fully aware of how important healthy eating is. There are a lot of problems that come with unhealthy eating habits.

The most commonly known one goes by the term “Bingo Wings”, those unsightly patches of drooping excess skin under the arm that’s fairly common in middle aged women.

Several companies’ promise to completely remove them using increasingly complex machines or creams. There are even various topics on different website that offer advice.

Some of the most important information can be found on the NHS website here: –

But bingo wings are just one side effect of not eating properly; there are other health issues that you can develop from not eating properly.

You can develop issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and of course the most noticeable, obesity.

It goes without saying that exercise and diet plays a big part in your health, but most people don’t have access to or the knowledge of healthy foods or recipes.

Luckily for you, that’s where we come in; today we’re going to show you a few simple things you can make for healthy meals throughout the day.


First off is breakfast, aptly name best meal of the day for a reason, studies have found that missing out on breakfast can be detrimental to your health.

So eating something as simple as cereal in the morning, no matter how much you think you can’t stomach it at that time of the morning, will in the long run give you a world of benefits. The slow release of a healthy breakfast throughout the morning will keep you active no matter the activity and it supplies you with healthy minerals and nutrients.

But if cereal sounds boring then why not try something like mixing fruit and cheese. Simply grab an apple, slice it into segments, mix with one to two ounces of cheese and a few protein rich walnuts, then toss into a re-sealable bag and voila, instant healthy breakfast for work.


Next is the main meal of the day, just as our energy levels begin to dip after our morning meal, so top of those tanks with something healthy and good for you.

If you fancy doing something special to show off to your friends or work colleagues, then why not turn up some Asian cuisine. Soba noodles are the quickest to make, in just less than 15 minutes it’s a flashy power snack.

Simply cook the noodles, cover them in a preferred sauce or oil, add some sliced mangetout and chopped carrots then garnish with some chilli’s and shredded chicken and you’re done. You can also add a small packet of Soy or Chilli sauce if you really want an extra bit of pizazz from your meal.

Afternoon Snack

After lunch most of us tend to snack on a few things throughout the day, they can vary from energy bars to nut cluster bars filled with every kind of nut that exists or just a trip to the local vending machines for something chocolaty and rich in sugar.

This tends to be where everyone puts the most amount of weight on from their food, the sating of hungers and the craving of energy in-between the main meals of the day.

So instead of dipping into old habits, why not try something healthy and simple like Hummus? All you have to do is blend garbanzo beans, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, cumin, salt and sesame oil together and pour the resulting mixture into a small bowl.

Best of all you can use this dip with anything; why not try using carrot sticks to delicately drop in the delicious dip.


And now we come to the final meal of the day, the food that will give us the energy to run until bed time, where we start the cycle anew. The problem is most people who come in from work either have to cook for themselves or kids but they just don’t have the energy to make anything big or healthy.

So we’ve came up with a few suggestions for you to try. For simplicity’s sake try a Chicken BLT salad with Buttermilk Dressing. This quick meal only takes 10 minutes to make and 10 to cook, plus it can serve four so there’s more for the kids or if you don’t have any, just use it again for tomorrows lunch. The recipe is fairly easy to follow and doesn’t require any major fiddly ingredients.

Also, it’s proper to mix effort with reward. So as a final cherry on top of your healthy eating scheme, why not try freezing some raspberries and low fat ice cream the night before.

Then mash up the frozen raspberries and stir them into the ice cream and enjoy your low fat, high in vitamins strawberry ice cream.

Simply stick to these recipes and mix in space for regular exercise and in no time flat you’ll find yourself shedding those unsightly pounds.