Big Tease Bingo Exemplifies Branding Done Right

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We often think of online bingo branding as a somewhat saturated and uninventive market. Some brands that launch seem to have little to no relevance to their audience or no innovation whatsoever. It’s easy to point out where these sites are going wrong, but there’s one site that seems to be doing everything right.

About the Site

Big Tease Bingo launched in early 2017 onto a very highly competitive market. When it comes to playing online bingo, there are simply hundreds of options, so it was essential for this site to be able to offer something different. In this article, we’re examining what makes this site a success story and the elements that make it unique.

Site Theme

One of the most difficult parts of creating a new bingo site is settling on a theme. Thousands of pounds have been pumped into research about the tastes of players and what they want from a site. Pursuing the majority of sites of this ilk will show you all manner of themes, from the cute to the downright odd.

Targeting Users

The interesting thing about this bingo site is that it combines a jokey theme with graphics that resonate with the audience. Online bingo has a target audience of predominately females, so the creators of this gaming website design use this to their advantage. They use the idea of being flirty and cheeky in an attempt to lure their players onto the wild side.

Big Tease Bingo theme

Brand Affinity and Aspiration

This helps the site to stand out but it also creates a somewhat aspirational feeling for players. The branding carries this through from the site to the mailers to social media and beyond. Joining this site is like hanging out with a friend, this type of brand affinity is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Design and UI

Within web design the user interface, or UI for short, is key to how a user interacts and experiences the site. This should be clean cut and not pose any undue strain for users, whether that’s by placing everything at their fingertips or just having a pleasing to look at theme. The golden rule with the UI is that users shouldn’t have to think about what they have to do, they should be signposted to where they want to go.

Clear Signposting

For this site, that means clear call to actions telling players exactly where they want them to go. The main goal is to have the player sign up, log in and play. This site holds the player’s hand throughout the process as they provide their details and then offers them a gateway into the lobby. As users, our attention span is tiny and we need this kind of process to lead us through the site as the first sign of strife can cause us to simply go elsewhere.

BigTease bingo theme

Clever User Experience

It all comes down to the user experience, players like the way this site works for them so they’ll come back for more. This may seem like a really simple concept but it’s something that a lot of sites simply don’t pay attention to. The overall feel of the site makes users feel welcome and helps them to find the things that they’re looking for. Their needs are met and thus the site can continue to grow.

There are ways in which this site performs better for their users than the average site. Their speed is also a major positive point, as there’s virtually no lag when scrolling between pages. It’s also mobile friendly to boot and allows users to access their favourite games on the move.

Sleek and Unobtrusive

If you take a look at some bingo sites, you’ll notice that they’re very loud and there are interstitials that will cloud your view. This reflects what the site wants you to do or see, but not what the user wants from their experience. This disconnect between the ethos of the creators and the desire of the user means that they’re less likely to stay online and also less likely to return.

There’s no one formula to creating a successful site but you can tick the boxes by thinking of the user. theme


So what can other brands take away from this example of online bingo marketing? The biggest point that we can see is that the team behind Big Tease Bingo has put themselves in their players’ shoes. This means that they can clearly see what their players want and how they can best provide it.

Oftentimes those launching new ventures can get too tangled up in what they think the customer wants, rather than the basics of the experience. What this brand has achieved isn’t black magic or reinventing the wheel, they’ve just used common sense to make their mark on the bingo landscape.

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