90 Ball Bingo

For UK players, 90 ball bingo is king and this game is popular on many sites. This game is a favourite among players so we’re here to teach you the ins and outs of playing it for yourself!

Best Places to Play 90 Ball Bingo Online

Get playing this game at one of our top bingo sites below:

Lucky Cow Bingo

If you want to play in style then you can make a £10 deposit for the chance to spin their prize wheel, you could even win 500 free spins!

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Cheers Bingo

Pour a glass of bubbly and celebrate at Cheers Bingo. Up to 500 free spins can be earned with a £10 deposit.

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With loads of mobile bingo rooms and up to £10 no deposit bonus, you can’t go wrong with this bingo site.

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When you’re ready to play this game you can head to one of those sites and pop into their lobby. Purchase your tickets and you’ll be given a ticket with a total of three lines on it. The numbers on there will number from 1 to 90 and it will be in a rectangular shape, unlike the 75 ball game in which the tickets are square.

These games can be played from a penny or for free and take only slightly longer than the 75 ball games. There are usually three winners selected and they each get a proportional share of the prize pool. There can be a draw in this game, if both players bingo on the same number, if this is the case then the prize will usually be shared.

What Are The Winning Patterns?

When you play this game, you want to get either a full house, two lines or one line. A full house means that every space on your card is covered, that’s all 15 of them. Two lines means that you have two lines of 5 totally completed, it can be any two of the three completed. Finally, you can also have one line completed which is the easiest one to complete.

The full house prize is always the biggest, as this is the hardest one to get. Then, two lines will have a substantial prize and just one will have a slightly smaller one. These are usually displayed as a prize pool, of which each player will get their share.

90 Ball Graphic Bingo


As there are three winners chosen from these games, you have a higher chance of being one of them. Because the prize pool is shared, each individual prize may be smaller depending on the site. This is a trade-off for players, as you may prefer to play 75 ball games because the top jackpot is bigger.


Ready to really up your game when you play this version of bingo? Take a look at our top strategy tips:

  • Play for free – If you’re not sure about how to play then look for 90 ball bingo free version to get your head around it. This can help you play first hand on a real bingo site without spending your own cash.
  • Use your mobile – Playing more often will help to increase your chances of winning, so if you only have a few moments to play then you can use a mobile site instead. This allows you to get online in a flash and sites with the best mobile versions have just as much choice on the go.
  • Pre buy your tickets – If you want to make sure you’re in a big jackpot game then you can buy your tickets in advance. That way, you can guarantee that you have a chance at the prize and take as many tickets as you like.

Playing this game is easy and once you have a go for yourself you’ll find that nothing will get in your way!

Is There A Difference Between Playing Online And In A Brick-And- Mortar Hall?

90 ball bingo is really common in bingo halls, but there some changes that you may like adjusting to when you play online:

  • More freebies – It’s not very common to get something for nothing in a bingo hall but bingo sites will gladly give you freebies. This could be a welcome offer, redeposit bonuses, free games or loyalty point prizes. This gives you more chances to win and loads of extra funds.
  • Increased convenience – These games are also easier to get online with, especially if you use a mobile site. Heading out to a bingo hall might not be possible for all players and staying indoors can be preferable.

It’s up to you which way you prefer to play bingo, but we’re big fans of playing online! There are so many advantages and it’s brilliant fun to boot.


In conclusion, 90 ball bingo is an enjoyable game that can allow you to win a lot of cash. It’s the entry level game that can be highly rewarding.

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