5 Accessories Every Girl Needs to Have in Her Wardrobe

Every fashionista struggles with balancing her must-haves for the season against her budget. Unfortunately, not all of us can shop at all the expensive fashion houses. Focusing your purchasing power on long-lasting, quality staples like trousers, jeans, little black dresses and coats is a smart plan. That does not mean you have to be stuck with the same outfits for years. You can add a little spice to any ensemble through the right accessories.

Make sure you have these in your closet:


A belt is a great accessory because it helps to accentuate or create a waist. For fall and winter, layers are in, but as we pile on tights, long blouses, jumpers, and coats our waists get lost. The look is chic but depending on your body shape it can become quite bulky. Defining your waist gives you a feminine and fashionable shape.


So, how do you know what type of belt to choose? It is really up to you. Depending on your budget, you can splurge and buy belts at higher end retailers. We recommend spending a little less so that you can have a couple of options in your closet. The first is a wider belt. The wider the belt, the smaller your waist. Try adding a chunky belt to a housecoat or military style jacket. In case your staple pieces are all dark colors, try a brightly colored thin belt. The thinner belt will become a pop of color, rather than overpower the outfit.


Fall would not be fall without a cozy, warm scarf topping your layers. Before the weather gets frigid, you can wear a much lighter, breezier scarf. While it might not be functional, it is stylish. As temperatures drop, consider an infinity or blanket scarf. Both are on trend and will keep you warm and cozy in colder temperatures.


Infinity scarves are circular and can loop around the head and neck 2-3 times. They add volume to your outfit and perfect that layered look for fall. Blanket scarves drape over the neck, shoulders and torso. They can be eye catching and dramatic in both size and pattern. Don’t be afraid to experiment with an interesting design or add-ons like zippers and buttons.

Knee High Boots

For the past couple of years, tall riding boots have been in and that is not changing. Whether flat, low heel, or high heel, boots can be dressed up or down. They are a versatile accessory for your closet. Depending on the length of your leg, this might mean the boot hits the shin or right below the knee. Commit to a true knee high boot and buy a boot with a shaft length of 14” to 18”. Pair the boots with skinny jeans, underneath a dress or any other interesting combination you might like to try.

If you are sick of flat boots, try out a high heel knee high boot. The Fall 2014 London Fashion Week runways were full of 60’s inspired mod apparel including mini-skirts and shift dresses as well as A-line designs. A high heel knee high boot is the perfect complement to the 60’s. Try a boot with a thicker heel or a shinier finish and play up gold and metallic accents as well as bright colors. You don’t have to go overboard with this look. Just use it as inspiration.

Floral Necklace

Statement necklaces should live up to their name. This season they do in necklaces with floral designs. The length of the necklace is up to you, but chunkier, colorful, and bright flowers tend to be more eye catching and draw attention to your face. Other styles include long metal chains with delicate flower embellishments or asymmetrical necklaces with large flowers.

floral necklace


Statement Earring

You never have to worry about losing an earring while you are out again. The solo or statement earring is here and making an impact. It was on the runway last year and has made a reappearance. But why should we let models have all of the fun? You can adopt this look into your everyday wardrobe. Swoop your hair to the side or gather it back into a low or high pony. Pick an earring that best shows off your personality and rock that earring in one ear. Some earrings that have caught our attention are angular, long, metallic, and big. Because you are only wearing one, bigger is better.

statement earring

Accessories are always changing and going in and out of style, but with these items in your closet, your wardrobe will always feel fresh.

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