£1 Bingo Games

When you’re playing on bingo games it can be good to go for penny games but when you want to go for a larger jackpot you can play £1 bingo. These games raise the stakes for bingo players as they get to compete for an even bigger jackpot.

Best Sites with £1 Bingo Games

Lucky Cow Bingo

With 2 hours of free bingo every day @ LuckyCow, you won't have to spend a penny to win real cash!

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Big Tease Bingo

Dip into the bingo lobby here and you’ll feel like a VIP in a flash. They’ll reward your first deposit with 500%!

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You don't have to spend a penny to win real money at mFortune! Get up to £10 free & keep what you win!

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WTG Bingo

Play £1 bingo with a welcome package worth up to 500 free spins! WTG!

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Pre-Buying Tickets

Pre-buying tickets is one of the best ways to get ahead of the game as £1 bingo games can be extremely popular. The balance between cheap tickets and big jackpot prizes means that players often flood into the lobby and these games often fill to capacity in no time at all.

This is where pre-buying tickets can help you ensure that you always gain entry to play for the biggest of prizes. Most of the sites that we have mentioned will allow you to pre-buy tickets for their £1 bingo games and you can generally purchase them a few days before the games take place. We would recommend purchasing them well in advance to give you complete peace of mind. Then you will be able to dive straight into the lobby and compete for the jackpots that are available.

If you cannot pre-buy tickets then a good idea is to give yourself plenty of time to enter the game that you want to compete in. Even logging in 10 minutes before the game starts and entering the lobby will allow you to prepare for the game. As soon as the game goes live you can enter immediately to hopefully gain entry.

When are £1 Bingo Games Available?

£1 bingo online can be available at any time on a site but these usually peak in the evening, when most players are online. They will usually be announced in advance, as they aren’t regular games and will have much larger jackpots on offer. If a bingo site is offering a big reward, then they want to make sure you know all about these games.

If there’s a larger ticket price then you may see sales of bingo tickets coming up to the big event, so check the promotions page if you want to get a great deal. Remember that highly anticipated jackpot games are more likely to sell out, so pre-buying bingo tickets might be a good idea.

You can have a look around some sites to begin to look for £1 jackpot games and you can check out the lobby and the promotional offers section. We will discuss specific games later on in this article but what type of prizes can you expect to win for this amount?

What Prizes can be won for this Amount?

The jackpots for these games are much higher than your average game as they cost more to enter. They can reach thousands, and on some sites, it can even reach £1million on special occasions. £1 bingo games cost a little extra than a regular game but the jackpots are definitely worth it if you win.

You might win a prize instead of cash, maybe a hotly anticipated gadget or perhaps even a holiday! Though these games may present a higher risk because of the increased price, they generally give a higher reward too so they can be pretty exciting to compete in most of the time.

To help you get started, here are a few examples of specific £1 jackpot games that you can take part in:

  • 1000 Stars jackpot game on Big Tease Bingo offers £1 tickets and if you buy 5 you get one free! There is a £1000 guaranteed jackpot and you can play in this game every Saturday night at 10pm.
  • Monday Madness on WTG Bingo. This game often costs around £1 for a ticket but the game has a unique twist – you win the jackpot by completing a line win, not a full house! It’s a pretty great game that you can play every Monday at 4pm on WTG Bingo.

You can also find fantastic deposit minimum 1 pound bingo games by simply using the lobby and bingo schedule on the sites that we have mentioned. A lot of the standard games can cost a pound and offer the chance to compete with others for thousands of pounds in prizes. Playing at non-peak times can be a good way of finding games with not as many players competing for a single prize.

Which Networks & Sites Offer the Best Chance of Success?

This depends. A lot of the bingo networks and sites that we encounter like to update their lobby pretty frequently and this can mean that there are new games to play every few months and this includes the £1 bingo jackpot games. It all goes back to the player count and just as is true with any other bingo game, the higher the number of players, the smaller the chance that you will have to win.

This means that selecting smaller bingo networks or sites to play from is often a good idea for those players that want to increase their chances of winning. Remember to consider the type of bingo game as well as you can play both 90 and 75 ball £1 bingo games. A 90 ball game will have up to three winners whereas a 75 ball bingo game will offer one jackpot prize for one winner.

A good idea is to simply have a look at the general player count of individual sites at different times and this will give you an indication of the general level of activity on the site. A lot of bingo sites display their own player counts on the homepage of the site and this can make it easier to find £1 jackpot games that are not as busy.

What T&Cs Apply?

1 pound deposit bingo comes with the same rules and regulations as other bingo games. Players can check these out on the site but there are some general ones that will apply to the majority of games. Of course, we would recommend reading the T&Cs before you play or at least the main points if you’re itching to get started.

These games will be affected by bonuses, just like any other, and since the jackpot is so high you may not be able to buy these tickets with bonus funds. They may pay out any money in the same way that it’s paid in, so if you use a bonus to play you may receive your winnings back as bonuses.

On some of these games you may be able to win free tickets in the run-up, but if they are free then you may be credited your win as a bingo bonus. This will then be subject to the usual wagering requirements before you withdraw. If the game doesn’t specify that this jackpot is guaranteed then it may be changeable, so check the jackpot before you splash out on tickets.

Looking at wagering requirements in a little more detail, these affect your ability to make a withdrawal on a bingo site. For example, if your £1 jackpot game winnings are distributed as bonus cash then they will need to be wagered on other games a specific number of times before they “convert” to real cash and will be eligible for withdrawal. However, this isn’t always the case.

There has been a real focus on wagering and bingo bonuses recently and we are beginning to see a lot of bingo sites and networks revise their own individual policies. This is due to a number of differing reasons but we are beginning to see more and more jackpot games with no wagering requirements at all and this includes several £1 bingo games across the industry.

You need to be careful with some games though as a small number of jackpot games (including several £1 ones) require a minimum deposit to qualify for entry or for a bonus. This can get frustrating for players who want to compete in a specific game but do not wish to deposit a specific amount of cash. Yet again, reading the T&Cs can save you hassle in the long run (boring we know!)

£1 Bingo Vs Penny Bingo

When compared to penny bingo, there are definite pros and cons that £1 bingo has. We’ve outlined some of the biggest ones below:

Pros of £1 Bingo

  • Larger jackpots and rewards.
  • Usually special games.
  • There may be sales or BOGOF tickets to encourage players to buy.
  • Prizes are usually cash or something tangible, so you don’t usually have to think about wagering requirements.
  • Can find £1 bingo games in the lobby when no specials are available.
  • A lot of bingo networks are beginning to relax their rules on wagering.
  • You can often pre-buy tickets.

Cons of £1 Bingo

  • Players must fork out more for tickets.
  • They might not come along too often on a site.
  • You may be restricted to the amount of tickets you can buy if it’s popular.
  • The jackpot may be networked, giving you less chance of winning.
  • You may not be able to use bonus funds to play.
  • Wagering rules may restrict your ability to make a withdrawal.
  • These games can be extremely popular and fill to capacity quickly.

There’s no right or wrong answer here, as most players like to play on a mixture of games with different ticket prices, rather than just one.

Playing with £1 bingo tickets can be appealing to players that want to go for the bigger jackpots. Just keep an eye on your spending and there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying these games.

Make Sure Your Games are Licensed!

Some recent stories in the media have made it necessary for us to advise our readers to make sure that the bingo games they choose to compete in are licensed. Ok, this isn’t strictly true as the story we read was pretty funny. It involved a group of pensioners from Redditch, Worcestershire who were recently issued a blanket ban for playing bingo!

That’s right, the group of friends who had played bingo together for 38 years were reprimanded by council officials under the Gambling Act. The group were accused of running an illegal gambling den – after playing bingo for cash at their retirement block! The group of friends were enjoying some £1 bingo jackpot games of their own when they were hit with the ban.

One resident who had lived in the block for 12 years argued rather humorously that they were not drinking or doing drugs – simply playing a game of bingo! The council chiefs placed the ban as it was against the law and rather ludicrously accused the group of running “an illegal gambling racket.”

The games took place twice a week in the communal lounge at the complex and usually 8-20 people competed with the winner often scooping the grand jackpot of £5 or £6! While some residents have quit the sessions claiming that the prize provided an element of fun, others were not to be dissuaded so easily.

While the ban is technically enforceable under The Gambling Act (2005), the pensioners are determined not to let this be the end of their bingo sessions. This has led to some of the group applying for a gambling license. Brilliant! The moral of this story is to always ensure that your bingo games are licensed otherwise you could be breaking the law. Good luck!

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